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Handcrafted Journal

(within the U.S.)$65.00 + $4.60 for shipping - Total Charge: $69.60
  • Beautiful Handcrafted Journal with 1/4 leather binding.
  • The book is approx. 6″X8″ and 1.25″ thick.
  • It has leather and hand marbled paper from France on the cover.
  • The endsheets are of the same marbled paper used on the cover.
Flush Mount Album Making Guide
Flush mount albums, sometimes referred to as coffee table books, have become a popular addition to most wedding and portrait photographers product offerings these days.

This guide is geared towards working photographers who would like to make their own flush mount albums as well as bookbinders who are interested in learning the process so that they may offer the albums to photographers in their area.

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Gift Card Sets

These beautiful gift card sets are great for any occasion!

  • Great card for birthdays, Thank You's, Anniversaries, Get Well, etc.
  • Blank inside to write your own sentiment.
  • Packaged as a set of 6 hand-crafted cards.
  • This card set would make a beautiful gift.
  • Photography captures of nature's absolute beauty.
  • Size: 4.5" X 6.75"

Choose from the sets below:

Card Set A
Card Set B

$12.00 - Set of 6
$12.00 - Set of 6
Card Set C
Card Set D

$12.00 - Set of 6
$12.00 - Set of 6
Card Set E
Card Set F

$12.00 - Set of 6
$12.00 - Set of 6

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