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Album and Box Making Resources

US Suppliers:

Tag/Bristol Board a good place to buy it in bulk.

Dick Blick also carries a good variety of papers useful for binding projects.

Mat Cutter This cutter will cut larger size boards

Talas A good source of bookbinding supplies such as Davey board, headbands, bookcloth, PVA, etc.

Bookmakers is another good source of bookbinding supplies

3M Adhesive These folks have the best price on 3M Positional adhesive that I have found. You can order online and they ship quickly.

Scoring Board These folks make a really nice scoring board. You can buy a 12"x12" one for about $60 online. They also have a 24" wide board which runs for about $249.00 plus shipping. You can order the 24" and a 36" size directly from them.

Stack/Guillotine cutters I have the QCM 1200E. It's reasonably priced and works well. You can also find them on Ebay.

Cold Laminator Here's a supplier with a reasonably priced cold laminating machine. Their lamination film is a good price also.

UK Suppliers...

J. Hewit & Sons carries a line of book binding supplies such as PVA and binders board.

Lion Picture Framing may carry the 3M Positional Adhesive or a good substitute.

Maple Framing Ltd. Uk supplier for the 568 positionable adhesive

Please let me know if you know of or have found a supplier that should be listed here.

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