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Custom Bindery
Location: Gardena, CA
Email: typenut@gmail.com
Phone: 310.217.0400
Website: www.CustomBindery.com, www.KrauseIntaglio.com

Custom Bindery designs and creates Custom Portfolios and develops Artist Books in conjunction with the Artist. Custom Portfolios in Full Leather, Book cloth, Paper based and Exotica Materials, Pages printed Letterpress up to 26 x 40 inches, Foil stamping and Hand Tooling. Full Service Handbindery, Prepress, Letterpress and Printmaking at hand. Extensive Range in fine Papers, Cover materials and Techniques. In Business for 29 years.

Kristin Dunn bookbinding & design
Location: Long Beach CA
Email: kristin@kdbooks.com
Phone: 562-506-8548
Website: www.kdbooks.com

From traditional structures to unique and cutting edge solutions, I specialize in creating custom presentation pieces for artists, designers and photographers. Whether, you're looking for a classic and understated clamshell box or for a stunning one-of-a-kind portfolio, I'll work with you from start to finish to design and build the most fitting and appropriate portfolio that will highlight your work like no other. Every piece is handmade with the highest attention to detail and will be made to your exact specifications. A full line of semi custom screw post portfolios and boxes are also available in the online store at www.kdbooks.com.


Juliayn Coleman
Location: Chicago, IL
Email: juliayncoleman@gmail.com
Phone: 312-479-2150

I began learning to bind books in 1998. Melissa Jay Craig was my very first bookbinding teacher at the Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts. From 200-2003 I attended the North Bennet Street School in Boston, where Mark Andersson was my teacher. Since then I have worked at and continued to learn bookbinding in Chicago.

I make all kinds of presentation items for professional photographers and designers. Everything I do is custom, made specially for each client. I make work adaptable for any budget, and can assist in DIY efforts as well. Please visit my website, where there are many photos of my past work.

I have made books in as little as two days; however, 4-6 weeks is the standard, starting from the initial consultation. I must add a rush fee of 25% to any project with less than a 2 week turnaround time.


The HF Group / Etherington Conservation Services - Midwest
Location: 1010 North Sycamore St., North Manchester IN, 46962
Email: gward@thehfgroup.com
Phone: 800-334-3628
Webpage: www.thehfgroup.com

The HF Group has a rich history in bookbinding and preservation services with locations in five states, and most of our service locations have histories extending beyond 75 years. We work with clients on an international level and we are renown for our service, quality, and speed.

We offer many services and solutions, including:

- Conservation
- Digitization and Preservation Photocopying
- Printing and Binding on Demand
- Edition Binding and Prebinding
- Custom Enclosures
- Thesis Binding
- Library Binding
- Textbook Rebinding

Specifically for photographers we offer quality print on demand services, custom albums fabricated from a wide variety of materials, deluxe enclosures, and nearly anything else that a client may request. Our experienced technicians are exceptionally skilled and are delighted with new challenges and unique designs, and we can work with nearly any suitable material. We work on projects ranging from a single deluxe piece to ones that include thousands of albums and bindings. Our turn time varies with the size of the project, but typically the minimum is 4 to 6 weeks. Samples can be provided by request.


Scott Wilson - Carlson Turner Books & Bookbindery
Location: Portland, Maine
email: swilson@maine.rr.com
Phone: 207-773-4200
Webpage: www.carlsonturnerbooks.com

We're a traditional Antiquarian Bookshop with a full service hand bookbindery on site. We also do letterpress printing, foil stamping,gold tooling, custom design work for individual or corporate projects. We've been in business for over 30 years, with more focus on the bookbinding side for the last 12 years or so. We work with photographers, graphic design companies, business promotional departments, law firms, book artists, and the general public. We do repairs and restorations, boxes of any type/design, photo albums, single or multiple edition runs. We'll do our best to create or design anything the customer wants.

We can work with anyone, anywhere via email and telephone. Turn around can be a few days for critical corporate promotions to a few weeks or a month for repairs or larger projects.


Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc.
Location: Agawam, MA
Email: brianb@bnbindery.com
Phone: 800-223-5083
Webpage: www.bnbindery.com

Bridgeport National Bindery has been in the library binding and preservation business for more than 60 years beginning with Magnus Larsen, father of our current President, James Larsen. During this time our company has grown to provide high quality services to libraries and individuals across the country. We recognize that customers deserve a choice for their binding and preservation needs.

Bridgeport National Bindery strives to earn the right to do business with our customers by providing quality products and customer-oriented service. We recognize that we are first, and foremost, a service provider. For this reason we have continued to adapt our services and our products to meet the needs of the customers we serve. We conduct our business in a manner that will make both the employees and customers proud to associate with our company.

Bridgeport National Bindery has a strong commitment to binding and preservation. We provide a full suite of preservation and conservation services, and is a leader in the preservation industry by offering a wide range of services to our customers. These services include:

The highest quality library binding available
Preservation photocopying and digitization
Conservation treatment and deluxe leather bindings
A wide variety of custom made enclosures

All production decisions are founded on sound preservation principles developed by our preservation and conservation professionals who also constantly monitor all products and procedures to insure quality.

Bridgeport offers print on demand services to make photobooks for photographers. We can also provide a wide variety of photo albums. We are also eager to work with customers to provide custom designed albums.Our basic turn time is 4 weeks. Some larger projects may require more time.

Judith Cohen
Location: Boston area
Phone: 617-666-8390
Email: jcbookbinder@aol.com
Website: sevenhillsbindery.com

A graduate of North Bennet St. School, I run a full service hand bindery. I make wedding albums of various styles with enclosures, guest books and many different kinds of boxes. I work with people out of the area. Depending on the time of year, my wait time can be from 3 - 6 weeks. Rush jobs incur a surcharge.

The Three Ring Binders - Amy Lapidow
Location: Somerville, MA
Phone: 617.354.4084 (by appointment only)
Website: www.thethreeringbinders.com

I have traditional bookbinding training from The North Bennet Street School in Boston, where I graduated in 1995. I now teach in the workshop program. I have taken many other professional development courses to enhance my skills. My work concentrates on traditional structures using modern materials. I also work with artists to create their visions in book form. Every piece is custom made. I would work with people out of area

My products include: bound albums, post & screw albums, portfolios, boxes and other enclosures, guest books, custom designs. My turn around time is at least 1 month.


Windy Weather Bindery, owned by Wendy Withrow
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kent County
Email: wendy@wwbindery.com
Phone: 616.451.4255
Webpage: http://wwbindery.com

Windy Weather Bindery was founded in 2008 by Wendy Withrow and specializes in custom handbound books and boxes, including guestbooks, traditional photo albums, proof boxes, presentation boxes, and ring boxes. The bindery welcomes clients locally and from around the world and generally has a 60 day turnaround time.


Paper Birds Studio
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Email: joanne@paperbirds.com
Phone: (314) 616-2257
Webpage: www.paperbirds.com

I have been in business 8 years. I have worked with clients outside of St. Louis. Makes logistics and planning more tedious, but can be done. I email sketches, send sample leathers and cloths via snail mail.

I offer traditional albums and portfolios, post and screw or sewn albums, wraps with bone clasps or other closures. Boxes: clamshell, slipcase, specialized compartment boxes for delivery of proofs, guest books. Also calligraphy. Once design and materials have been decided, turnaround time is about 3-10 days and depends on the complexity of the project and procurement of special materials, dies and such.

New York

Campbell Raw Press
Location: US / Brooklyn, New York
Email: maggie@campbellrawpress.com
Website: http://www.campbellrawpress.com

Maggie Campbell began binding books in 1994, learning traditional binding techniques from Joan Soppe in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After many years of hobby binding, Campbell Raw Press was formed as Maggie's full-time endeavor, in partnership with her husband, Matt Raw, in Brooklyn, New York in 2008.

Campbell Raw Press creates hand bound journals, guest books, photo albums, protective drop spine boxes, and custom bindings, focusing largely on decorative bindings, including exposed spine stitching and a variety of decorative papers. Campbell Raw Press also creates a variety of letterpress work, including cards, calendars, custom announcements, and invitations, and serves clients all over the world. Custom projects are generally turned around in about 4-6 weeks, often a bit less.

Leonard Seastone - The Tideline Press
Location: West Sayville & East Jewett, New York
Email: LSeastone@aol.com

I bind guest books, wedding albums, as well as portfolios. In addition I can do small run (as small as one copy) letterpress printing of title pages or other important information in small and large format. In large format I can print sheets as large as 24" x 28". I have been working at this art since 1972.


Kiley Gwynn
Location: USA, Oregon, Eugene
Email: kw.moogle@gmail.com
Phone: 541-510-6318
Website: http://kupokiley.etsy.com

I've been doing business for almost 3 years as http://kupokiley.etsy.com. I've been binding for about 3.5 years. I am willing to work with clients out of my area.

I offer handmade DVD folio's, traditional albums, guest books, etc. I am able to make multiples or one of a kind to suit your needs. My basic turnaround time depends on quantity ordered and if I have to order cloth or not. If cloth has to be ordered it takes 2 weeks to reach me plus about 2 weeks to make a small order of folio's or albums.


Name: Torn Paper Books
Location: Texas, Ransom Canyon
Email: TornPaperBooks@aol.com
Phone: 806-543-6226
How long in business? 7 years

What type of products do you offer? Flush mount albums, self mount albums, boxes, guest books
Are you willing to work with clients out of your area? Yes
What is your basic turnaround time? 1-2 weeks

We specialize in custom covers, silks, brocades and new South Asian and Oriental designs.

If you are a bookbinder and would like to be included on this list, please email me

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