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Bookmaking tutorial links from around the Web

Here are some links to book and box making tutorials from around the web that you might find useful. It is by no means all inclusive and is an ongoing project that I will be updating regularly. Please let me know if you find any broken links or if there are any tutorials that you think should be on the list

If you're interested in making your own flush mount style albums, check out my visual guide here.

Also, you check out the bookbinding and equipment tutorials that I have created here. I periodically create a new tutorials to share so check back often.

Can't find enough inspiration here? Check out my list of books and DVD's that you can get to help you in your bookbinding endeavors.

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Perfect binding:

Perfect binding - A unique and interesting way to perfect bind a book by the Go To Guy

Perfect binding - A tutorial for perfect binding from Hamish MacDonald

Perfect binding - A great tutorial for perfect binding from comic book artist Toby Craig

Prints into journals - A nice tutorial for perfect binding from Judy Lee at Five and A Half

Hardcover and simple binding:

Hardcover book - A hard cover book tutorial from Dave the designer. This is one of my favorite tutorials. Makes a nice looking book.

Small hardcover book - How to make a small hardcover book from curiously crafty

Casebound book tutorial - Instructions for making a casebound book by Peter Verheyan

Simple binding - Make your own Moleskine like book from Michael Shannon

Hardcover book tutorial - A tutorial that walks you through setting up and printing text and binding it into a hardcover book with a dust jacket from Hugh Sparks

Secret Belgian Binding A tutorial for the Secret Belgian Binding

How to make a simple hardcover book

Making a case bound book - From the University of Indiana Library

Codex Binding Demos - These are video tutorials for sewing signatures

Single section binding A single section binding/hardcover pamphlet from the University at Newcastle

Softcover Wraparound Notebook This is a fun little softcover wraparound notebook made with vinyl from Rosemary Travale's super blog. She sews the signatures individually using a sewing machine and then glues the block together but you could sew the signatures in the traditional way and use the vinyl as a covering as she does.

Ribbon binding tutorial Here is a ribbon binding tutorial from Diane Aldred

Techniques for a ribbon-mounted casing Techniques for a ribbon-mounted casing by Cai Lun - This is not a comprehensive tutorial but it gives you a really good idea of the steps involved in making a book like this.

How to make a simple sketchbook A Wiki on how to make a simple sketchbook with a slotted cover.

Sketchbook tutorial A tutorial on how to make a simple sketchbook. This one has a hard cover.

Exposed spine binding: (includes Coptic and longstitch bindings)

Coptic tutorial-A coptic stitch tutorial from the altered-book.com website

Coptic tutorial - A single needle coptic stitch tutorial from Shelly Couvrette

A simple journal tutorial - How to make a simple journal from Teesha Moore.

Leather book tutorial - A softcover leather book with stitching on the spine.

Minifolio journal - A fabric minifolio journal tutorial from Sue Bleiweiss at Fiber & Stitch

Coptic Binding Demos - These are video tutorials

A longstitch tutorial - by Douglas Jones. This tutorial is aimed at preserving old paperback books but can be utilized in the making of blank books as well.

Longstitch tutorial- Part 1 and Part 2 - A longstitch tutorial in two parts from Comfortable Shoes Studio.

Wiki long stitch tutorial - A longstitch tutorial in Wiki form which explains the process step by step.

Slotted spine tutorial - A slotted spine book tutorial by Janet

Two Needle Coptic tutorial - Two Needle Coptic tutorial in PDF format by Emma Jane Hogbin. There are some nice examples of wooden book covers.

A Pamphlet Binding - A pamphlet binding tutorial in PDF from Marne Cales

Tacket Binding - A tacket binding tutorial from Dennis Yeun at the Cai Lun site

Buttonhole Binding - A buttonhole binding tutorial from Dennis Yeun at the CaiLun site. Also, here's a link on how to make the covers for the buttonhole books.

Buttonhole Binding - A buttonhole binding tutorial


Post and screw - A nice tutorial on making a post and screw album at the Alternative Photography site.

Double Guard album - How to make a double guarded album by Betty Storz

Popup Books:

Popup tutorials for beginners - You can find some nice beginner tutorials on pop-up book techniques on the Art Is Smart website of Jay Davison Ballanger.

PopUp Tutorial - Popup tutorial from Joan Irvine


Toy and Movable Books

Japanese Binding:

A simple Japanese style binding technique

Stab Binding Tutorial

Japanese Stab Binding by Gary Miller

Japanese Stab Binding Demos - These are video tutorials

Japanese Stab Binding - Steps to making a Japanese stab bound book by Ashley Young

Japanese Stab Binding - Another Japanese stab binding from the Wake Forest University art dept.

Accordion Books:

Accordion/Concertina Book - from HGTV

Several Accordion Book tutorials

five and a half

An accordian style book from envelopes from the Paper Source

Tunnel Books:

Tunnel Book

Tunnel Book - instructions by Robert Sabuda

Origami Books: (was Star Books)

HGTV-Tunnel of Love Star Card

Star Book Tutorial by Chia. This is the Origami style book.

Patriotic Triple Star Book by Arlene Stum

Patriotic Star Book by Becky Stratton

Star Book with hard covers

Simple Star Book

Accordion Fold Mini-Album - The author calls this an accordion fold album but it is a star book

Another Star Book

Concentina book by Liz Plummer. A star book by any other name is...still a star book.

Squash book with board covers - similar to the star books

Squash Book

Folding Book Necklace

Folded Book Cover from Yasumoto Art Supplies

Venitian Blind Book from Yasumoto Art Supplies

Headband tutorials:

Headband tutorial - A sewn on the block headband tutorial from Iris at Pied Crow Press.

Coptic Headband tutorial - A simple coptic headband tutorial from Hilke Kurzke

Sewn Headband tutorial - Another sewn headband tutorial with nice photos from Laura Robbins

Misc. bindings & sites with multiple tutorials:

Eden Workshops - For the past 20 years they have been running the Eden Workshops website which is devoted to the craft of hand bookbinding and its related crafts. They place a lot of emphasis on teaching and carry 17 video DVD tutorials, plus a range of free manuals.

Collection of tutorials - A collection of binding tutorials from Temper Productions.

Boardbook - Some great instructions on how to make a children's board book.

Book arts tutorials A group PDF tutorials on book making from the National Museum of Women in the Arts - Includes an accordion book, flag book, tunnel book and a few others.

Booklyn's ED Manual - This is a whole book on the book arts available for download in chapters from Booklyn Artists Alliance. Included are instructions for on-sheet, coptic, flag, accordian, stab and pamphlet books. The downloads require a little patience as they are large but worth it.

Some nice tutorials- Here are some nice PDF tutorials on book making from the San Diego Museum of Art education department.

A simple sketchbook tutorial From the Ruskin site, this unique little tutorial shows you how to make sketchbook from a folded sheet of paper. It also shows how to add a cover.

Mini envelope book from Di Hickman

Matchbook notebook from greetingarts

Water Lily book tutorial from Rhonda at MyHandBoundBooks

Chopstick Notebook tutorial from Rhonda at MyHandBoundBooks

Secret Fold Notebook tutorial from Rhonda at MyHandBoundBooks

Padfolio - A fabric padfolio tutorial from Fiber & Stitch

Fabric Moleskine cover - A fabric Moleskine cover tutorial from Keyka

Flag Book

Bamboo Skewer Mini Album

Box making:

Rounded Spine Book Box - A PDF tutorial for a Rounded Spine Book Box by Scott Keller.

Origami box - A cute video on making an Origami box.

How to make an Origami box - This could actually be make bigger and use it as a presentation box.

Origami box - A cute video on making an Origami box.

Mirkwood Designs - This is a nice page with folded box instructions.

How to make a corrugated clamshell box - These would be good for packaging album or books to give to clients. I imagine they could be made out or corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated clamshell box - Here's another set of instructions for a clamshell box from Cornell University.

Clamshell box- A really nice PDF file on box construction.

Box tutorial - A good step by step clamshell box tutorial from the Indiana University Libraries.

Clamshell box process - Not full details but Laura Pope Robbins has a good overview of the clamshell box process on her blog.

Slipcase - How to make a slipcase with hard sides

Slipcase - How to make a quick slipcase out of bristol or lightweight cardboard

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