How to use your Chameleon.

You can use your Chameleon as a daily calendar.

Here's some PDF pages that you can download and print to make a daily calendar with notes and a monthly calendar centerfold as well as address book pages. You can use each one by itself or print a combination of pages. They are sized for 8.5" x 11" paper with a fold in the middle. When making your refills, you will need to print them front and back to make your pages. Use a cardstock for your cover and put together as described in the video.

Monthly calendar

Daily calendar



If you're handy with a photo editing program, you can head on over to Doane Paper and download a jpeg of thier cool gridded paper and modify it to be used in your Chameleon.

Ideas from Chameleon owners:

New Chameleon owner Judy says: "Here's something I already came up with for mine. I'm a Sudoku puzzle fan. If you go to there are printable puzzles. On your printer you need to be sure to have the paper set for landscape then I set it for 4 puzzles per page and print pages 1-8. I run them through the printer again to do the backsides. Staple & fold & stick them in for a little fun anywhere."

A tip from new Chameleon owner T-na, that the large sized Moleskine Cahier notebooks fit into the Chameleons nicely. If you're looking for lined paper, these would be perfect.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas you'd like to share.