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February 7, 2007

Roll your own headbands

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All you need to do is cut a piece of your desired material 1.5 ” in height and about 3-6″ or so wide. You will make a long headband and then cut it to size. Get some lightweight cotton twine that comes in balls (as shown in picture). If you want thick headbands you need a thick twine. Tape the of twine to your work surface fairly taute. Put the piece of material under the twine with about 1/2 to 3/4 at the top. Glue the material that is above the twine and fold over and press along the twine with the pointed end of a bone folder.

The picture illustrates the process and shows some examples of fabric and suede ones. I used marbled paper for my material in the sample to show the process.


There are some materials that will be harder to use as headband material than others. Try something other than a satiny type fabric to start with. Also use something other than ribbon. Cotton, linen or lightweight leather scraps work well. PVA will def. soak through lighter weight fabrics. If I am making headbands to match the covers I will use some of the leftover fabric that has been paper backed already. There is a craft glue called Fabri-Tac that will work well when other glues don’t.

Taking the process one step further…

Sometimes it’s better/easier to sew them off of the block and glue them on. You can easily sew headbands with pretty much the same procedure as you would when sewing them directly to the block. You’ll just need to make a core to sew them on. You will also omit the tacking stitch. You can either make individual ones for each end of the spine or one long one and cut it to fit. You’ll need to run a bead of glue along the bottom of the stitches on the back side of the band if you will be cutting it. This is just a quick explanation of how they are done. They really aren’t that hard to do just a little fiddly at the start. Here’s a few photos of a length of headband I made this afternoon. It’s about 5.5? long. I made a core the same way that you make the cloth headbands above using a thin inner twine. I used DMC #3 cotton perle thread for sewing.

Handsewn headband off the block

In the photo below you can see the bead under the band.

Headband closeup

This band is pretty basic. You could get creative with the colors and number of wraps per color. You can also do them one color or beadless.

A great book on sewing diff. styles headbands is Headbands, How to Work Them by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille.

The Craft of Bookbinding by Manly Banister has a good description of how to sew your own headbands off of the book starting on page 106.

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