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May 19, 2008

I’m back…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:27 am

Good morning readers.

I’m back from my birthday excursion to Washington DC and am exhausted from all the walking we did. I managed to see the National Women’s Museum, The Freer Gallery and do a walking tour of all the National monuments on the Mall. We also walked around Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and had some great food while we were there.

My friends that were with me organized a birthday scavenger hunt and had me ask for things such as denture cream, granny underwear and stool softeners from strangers throughout the weekend. :)

My dogs are also exhausted from all the fun and excitment they had at puppy camp. They are crashed out on the floor and occassionally one will twitch and ear or open an eyelid so I know that they are still alive.

After two weekends away I have alot of house cleaning and book work to catch up on but I just wanted to stop in to say hi.

I’ll have more to report later.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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