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February 12, 2007

Red velvet in the morning…

Filed under: Inspiration — jackie @ 2:13 pm

Besides surfing the web for inspiration for my books I like to watch all the creative DIY shows on HGTV. One of my favorites is Debbie Travis’ Painted House. Every once in a while she’ll have a cool idea that she uses that will translate well into a book cover. Recently she showed a technique for embossing velvet to make into pillow covers. Of course a light bulb went off in my head and it occured to me that the embossed velvet would make a great book cover. So, I got a small piece of velvet and a rubber stamp and gave the process a try. Below is a photo of my results. I only wish the photo could show how elegant the fabric looks. The color of the velvet is actually a deep red.

The method in a nutshell is…the velvet is melted where it comes in contact with the rubber stamp. The stamp is layed on the table face up. The velvet is layed on the stamp face down then a hot iron is applied to the back of the velvet for a few seconds. It takes a few tries to figure out the amount of time and pressure needed to get a clean design. I would also suggest using a stamp without a lot of tiny details to start with.

Embossed Velvet

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