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February 23, 2008

Saturday morning musings and a little film review…

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Good morning readers.

I enjoyed my trip over to the Mid Atlantic Quilt festival yesterday. I checked aout all the booths and amazing quilts, spent my allowance, had lunch and came home exhausted. I bought some really cool things to utilize in my book making. I’ll be showing you in the days to come.

Of note…

While searching the web, I found this site with photos from a Medieval Girdle Book Installation. The Girdle Book: Todays Fashion Accessory for the Modern Man or Woman. Don’t you just love the title? It’s a show with nothing but girdle books. Make sure to check out the page with details about the books. Unfortunately there are no close ups of the books.

As promised…

The Leather Bound Book is the most recent in the series of instructional DVD’s by New Zealand bookbinder Peter Goodwin. The film is produced, filmed and narrated by Janette Heffernen of Jan Mila Ltd.

From the site: “In this DVD master bookbinder Peter Goodwin demonstrates in detail how he achieves this traditional binding, easily, with little fuss. Peter Goodwin has been binding books for over 64 years and is now perhaps one of the last fully apprenticed journeyman bookbinders still practicing his craft.

Thanks to ‘perfect binding’ and the Brittle Book Syndrome traditional bookbinders are no longer needed. The fully bound beautifully decorated leather book is a joy to behold and a joy from which to read. Soon the only way one can own one of these attractive and costly books will be to do it yourself.

Peter Goodwin shows how he does it so in the years to come the craft of bookbinding will not be lost.”

In the film, Peter walks us through the steps for rebinding an old book in full leather. All of the techniques that he demonstrates are clearly understandable and the DVD will give you a very good idea of the work involved in binding a book in full leather.

As with Peter’s other DVD’s, some familiarity with basic bookbinding on the part of the viewer is assumed.

Peter shows us how to take a book apart and prepare it for resewing as well as setting up the frame and sewing the book on cords. He also walks us through adding endsheets, lacing the cords onto the covers and preparing the hollow spine.

Peter does give an overview of the knives that he uses for leather paring and how the leather is pared for binding and briefly shows some paring of the leather but does not give an in depth demonstration of the technique. He does show that very little paring is needed at the edges of the leather as you can take care of the extra thickness of the leather at the turn ins by adding card to fill in the area before applying the endsheets.

Peter’s demonstration of applying the leather covering to the book is very thorough and understandable. He also demonstrates hand gilding of the cover and spine of the book.

What I like about the DVD is that Mr. Goodwin breaks the techniques that he demonstrates down into managable stages that makes it easier for someone who has never done the them to do them for the first time.

I always learn new tips and techniques to add to my “toolbox” when watching Peter’s videos. Peter’s “down to earth” style of demonstrating and humorous chatter throughout the film makes you feel like you are working right  alongside him in his bindery.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced binder, this video is well worth adding to your library.

I give this DVD tutorial Thumbs upThumbs up.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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