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January 18, 2008

Friday morning musings…

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Good morning readers…

The sun has finally come out after being rainy and cold here in the burbs the past couple of days. My classes have have begun to get busier with lots of ”homework” to do. I got spoiled in drawing one class with being able to finish the assignments during class time. Not anymore. The pieces that we are doing now are time intensive. This past week we started working with pen and ink and are doing drawings of shoes. I’m drawing one of my old leather hiking boots with a .005 pen. Let’s just say it requires lots of hatching and patience. I’m def. way out of my comfort zone here. If I can get it on the scanner, I’ll post a pic of my shoe when it’s done for your viewing enjoyment.

Music to make books by.

I ‘m one of those people that likes to work without any noise so I usually don’t listen to anything while I work. Occassionally I’ll put on a Podcast or in the late afternoon the TV that is in the next room. And every once in a while I’ll put on the local NPR station or a CD to listen to.

A muscian that I came across a while back that I find nice to listen to while working is Alison Crowe. She’s a Canadian singer-songwriter that accompanies herself on the piano when she sings. She is lovely to listen to. This is one of my favorites.

Another artist that I heard recently is Ingrid Michaelson. Well… I’ve actually heard her before on the Old Navy commercial and the Grey’s Anatomy TV show but didn’t know it was her. Both of these ladies are Indie artists. Check them out if you get a chance.

Of note… 

If you’ve ever considered making your own Zine, you may want to check out the adventures Ricë Freeman-Zachery had getting her newest Zine printed.  Ricë is an artist and writer and has recently written a book called Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists. You can check out her work and buy copies of her new Zine over on her blog.

Don’t forget to check out the results of challenge #2 over on the Flickr site and see what’s coming up for next week.

(Edited to add…that my challenge book is in the making and will be up this evening sometime.)

I hope everyone has a great day.

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