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January 16, 2008

When good blogs get neglected…

Filed under: Morning Musings, online tutorials — jackie @ 8:40 am

Good morning readers… 

I’ve been musing a bit lately on the subject of defunct websites. I think it is sad when a good site gets neglected then just finally goes away. I know that things come up and life happens and people no longer have the time or interest to care for their sites. I also understand that it can be a little taxing financially to keep a site going but it is still sad to see them go.

Thanks to the wayback machine you can usually find the info from the long gone site. Unfortuneatly alot of times the photos are missing.

I also think it’s sad when good blogs start falling by the wayside. I’m not just talking about book blogs but others as well. I think people post post post for the first few months or year or so and just when they’ve built up a good following of readers they burn out and either stop posting or post once every few months. I know it’s hard to continually find fresh content for your blog but if you want your readers to come back you need to post at least once or a few times a week.

When I first started this site I wasn’t sure what to write about so I posted only once in a while. Then I felt like I needed to have something to say every day. Now, mostly because of my schedule, I realize that posting a few times a week is ok as long as I am consistent and do so and have found that I can always find a little something to write about.

Another thing that I find helpful is that I might start a post a day or two before I actually post it. That gives me time to add info as I find it and flesh it out a bit. Like this post. This one that you are reading was started yesterday morning but I didn’t have time to put all my thoughts in order until this morning. :)

For those new to blogging, here is a site that might be helpful.

Of note:

I created a page for the list of resources for repairing books and put a link over on the sidebar to make the info more easily available to you all.

The Etsy Street team did a nice post on headband tutorials about a week or so ago. If you sell your work on Etsy you really should be a member of the Bookbinding Street Team as they are doing alot to help promote one another.

Here’s a tutorial for making beaded headbands from Abi over at the Evilrooster Bookweb site.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •


  1. What a lot of great information all in the one post.

    Comment by Wendy Shortland — January 21, 2008 @ 4:55 am
  2. Wendy,

    Glad you think so. Sometimes I feel like I just blather on and on about stuff. :)
    Thanks for stopping by.


    Comment by jackie — January 21, 2008 @ 8:58 am

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