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August 12, 2007

Sunday morning coffee and musings…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:37 am

Good morning readers.

What a difference a few days make in the weather around here. Yesterday was so much cooler than it has been all week. This morning it is almost chilly outside and it looks like it will be another beautiful, cool, low humidity day. These are the types of days that make me wish I had a nice back porch to sit out on and have coffee or a meal. My poor back yard is pretty pitiful. Not the best place for enjoying nature.

My day yesterday was spent at family parties and canning the 20lbs of tomatoes I bought. I was able to get 5 quarts of diced tomatoes and 4 quarts and several pints of italian sauce. I’m thinking about getting another box and canning up soime more diced tomatoes for the winter. It’s alot of work but it is rewarding and there is something satisfying about opening up a jar of veggies that you canned yourself. 

This morning while I was making the sample book for my class this afternoon, I was musing over the fact that as I progress with my bookbinding I am constantly refining and redefining my techniques. I am always on the lookout for tips or techniques that will make my bindings better or easier to do. I try not to be stuck in the way I do things. That’s why I like to occassional take classes or have an artist play day with friends. It’s helps shake things up and get my creatives juices flowing so that I can look at my art and figure out ways to change or improve it.

One of the big things that I will be doing to help better myself and my art is I’ll be going back to college in a few weeks to start down the road to finally getting my bachelor’s degree. I have signed up for the fine arts program at Tidewater Community College and hope to be able to transfer to either the ODU or Virginia Wesleyan art program by Spring 2009.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting information here. It just means that I may be posting later in the day as I have 4 days of early classes. I have my schedule set so that I get my classes done by noon on 3 of the days. I am also considering bringing in guest posters from time to time so if you are interested email me and let me know.

I wanted to mention that I have a special book coming out for the holidays. It will be filled with bookbinding tips and techniques as well as tutorials that aren’t available on the site. It will hopefully be ready sometime in Sept. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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  1. congratulations on going back to school!
    I’m new to book making… accidently found your blog, and have read almost regularly…and made a few hedgehogs thanks to you:-)

    Maybe I should wait for your new book, but wanted to ask a question: I recently saw something called tacket binding. it looks like a kind of a along stitch, but it seemed to have several different color thread… and looked like long styitch that has been wrapped. I tried it, but can’t get the sewing [attern figured out…
    could you direct me to a tutorial or some other way of getting info? thank you so much!

    Comment by jacky brown — August 12, 2007 @ 4:19 pm
  2. You’re both smart and wise to head to college and I applaud your initiative. Congratulations and good luck! I enjoy your blog and read it regularly.

    Comment by BookGirl — August 15, 2007 @ 10:55 pm
  3. Thank you both for your kind comments about my returning to school. It is both scarey and exciting.
    I also appreciate you reading the site regularly.

    Bookgirl, I read your site daily also.


    Comment by jackie — August 16, 2007 @ 8:54 am

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