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June 29, 2007

It’s Friday…

Filed under: Journaling, Morning Musings — jackie @ 8:17 am

Good morning readers.

The weather man is promising cooler temperatures in the coming days. Our grass has started to grow again since we got some rain and I haven’t seen the lawn boy in two weeks which means I may have to mow the lawn myself. Thank goodness we’ll have cooler weather soon. :o

Remember a post last week where I talked about liking to read published journals and sketchbooks? Well I thought we might revist the subject of sketchbooks a bit this morning.

What got me thinking about the was I was contemplating the travel journal challenge that we have going on over on the forum. I was wondering if I don’t travel anywhere this summer can I still create a travel journal? Hmmm…

I think sketchbooks and journals are great tools for any artist no matter what your medium is. They’ve been called idea books, daybooks, visual journals….The bottom line is that they are great places to jot down ideas, sketch out concepts, keep contact information of people you meet or places you’ve been.

Here are a few sites of note on sketching as well as examples of artist’s sketchbooks…

An interesting analogy about sketching over on the Wet Canvas site.

Another interesting post on using your sketchbook.

Artist John Copeland has a bunch of his books posted on his site.

Illustrator Jon Keegan show off his daily sketchbooks.

Check out Tracy Moore’s unique journals. Also check his wife Teesha’s journal pages.

I’ve given you alot of inspiring stuff to look at this morning so go forth and surf. Oh, and don’t forget to carry your sketchbook with you to jot down all those cool ideas you’re going to get after seeing those sites.

Have a creative day!

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