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May 12, 2007

It’s back! The Saturday morning surf report…

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Good morning readers. 

The Sat. morning surf report is back.

Grab your morning beverage of choice, pull up a chair and let’s go surfing.

Here are a few sites with fun things to try to get you warmed up…

Here’s a site where you can learn how to antique paper.

This is fun. Make your own Card catalog cards with the catalog card generator.

Card catalog card

Check out A Term For The Terse. From the site: The terminology and subtleties of the book trade can seem rather cryptic, arcane and even stupid. What follows, is a primer of the terms and tactics used among the purveyors and collectors of out-of-print and rare books. Many of these terms have been in use for several hundred years. Unfortunately, the Internet has brought with it a general dumbing-down of any traditional knowledge or nomenclature. Many of these terms are endangered. Read quickly!

Now that I’ve got you warmed up …

I don’t know about you all but I’ve always been fascinated with pop up books. I think that some of them are wonderful feats of engineering. I admire folks who can create those detailed pop ups. I wish I had the dexterity and patience for them.

This is a great site where you can take a tour through the history of pop up books.

Check out this cool pop up exhibit from the Rutgers University Libraries.

The PopUpLady site has lots of information as well as the history of pop up books.

Mark Hiner is a paper engineer.  From the site: Well, I am a paper engineer and this site will show you what I do and what can be achieved with paper engineering. Most people will be familiar with some simple pop-up books from their childhood, but I hope that by browsing this site you will see that pop-ups (or paper engineering) can be used for many types of book. If you are not already a lover of the magic of pop-ups, I hope you will learn to appreciate them and the work that goes into creating interactive, pop-up books.

Here is a tutorial where you can learn how to make your own pop up book.

And finally if you really get into making pop up books there is a worldwide group called the Moveable Book Society that you can join.

Surf’s up!

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