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April 26, 2007

The perfect bag…

Filed under: Book Bags, Morning Musings — jackie @ 7:24 am

Good morning readers…

It’s overcast and chilly here in Va. Beach this morning. All the critters have been fed and the humans have had at least one cup of coffee. You can see photos of my critters over on my sadly neglected photo blog

So… you can’t talk about journaling and books without talking about the perfect bag/satchel to carry your journals and books in.

I have been on a quest for the perfect carryall bag for years. I have tried many diff. styles and types of bags and while they each have thier own appeal none of them held my interest for very long. I quess you might say I’m a bit fickle when it comes to bags.

My latest bag is a sling type bag that I aquired at the craft store AC Moore for about $9.00 US right before the Holidays. I like it’s ergodynamic shape but it’s lacking some amenities such as more than two pockets and enough space for my camera as well as journal, wallet, ditty bag, etc. Here’s a pic of it.

My current bag

Ever since seeing the film The Ninth Gate. I have been looking around for a canvas bag like the one the character Corso carries in the film. It’s a generic sort of canvas schoolboy/messager bag. This is the best photo I could find of it.


It looks like it has two pockets on the front with leather straps and buckles to hold down the top flap and leather trim. I’m not sure why I am so enamoured of it. Perhaps it’s because he kept pulling that wonderful looking old leather book out of it all through the movie. I’m thinking that I’ll have to make myself a leather journal to carry around in my new bag.

There are tons of bags somewhat similar to this one on the army surplus sites. One that looks interesting is this one.

One of the bags I’ve been eyeing is a Brady fishing bag. Unfortunately they are way out of my price range starting at somewhere above $200 US. Used ones can be had on Ebay but are still pricey and most are only being sold in the UK.

Another bag that is similar to the Brady bag but geared towards photographers is The Billingham Bag. The Billinghams can be used as a field bag if you take the insert out. The price range starts around $170 US.

Filson has some cool looking field bags but they are still a bit pricey. Not as high as the two above tho. Here’s one I like that you can get off of Ebay for around $135 US.

Filson Bag

Orvis has a nice field bag on sale for $49. It’s the 100th anniversary edition of thier Battenkill bag.


I recently won an auction for a Brady bag look alike on Ebay. I haven’t gotten it yet so I’m not sure if it will be exactly what I am looking for tho I like that I only paid about $14 with shipping for it. Here is a photo of it.

Brady look alike

I’ve also got my eye on a used leather bag but I’m not sure I want to spend the bucks for it. I know…it’s a sickness.

So…I’m wondering what your perfect bag is. Feel free to comment here or surf on over to the forum and let us know.

I hope everyone has a great day. 

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