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April 1, 2007

A quick post…

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Good morning readers.

I’m off to teach a class on simple bookbinding this morning. I will have the students make a simple binding with a faux leather cover. I saw this photo of some book covers over on Flickr and thought since I normally have my students paint on crumpled craft paper for their book cover I’d give the faux leather look a try. I painted my crumpled craft paper sheet with light brown acrylic paint and after it dried I rubbed the surface with brown shoe polish. Once the shoe polish dries you can buff it up to a shine. I glued the cover on with PVA instead of a dry adhesive because I wanted the paper to smooth out and not have a textured suface. Normally I would try to keep the wrinkled surface so the cover would be more textured. Next time I will smooth the paper out more before painting it as I think this one has too much texture. It’s got a nice feel though and with the polish on the cover it makes it water resistent. :o

Hedgehog with faux leather cover

Edited to add: I did one of these in a darker brown during the class and it looked alot more leather like. The covers have a leathery feel to them once they dry. I gave it away so I can’t show you a pic but it’s a cool technique worth trying if you are looking for something diff. for your book covers.

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