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March 9, 2007


Filed under: General — jackie @ 8:20 am

Good Friday morning all.

Today is the day of our first prize drawing. You still have some time to get your name in the jar for the drawing. Look for the results around noon.

I’ve got a few great sites from around the web for you to check out. Perhaps it will give you some ideas for projects this weekend. 

First up is an interesting online exhibit of Coptic Books called Coptic and Collage Ancient Technique Modern Application ”In an effort to express his ideas and preserve them in a written language, man has taken many giant steps in the art of bookmaking. One such crucial step was the advent of the sewn book developed around the first century A.D. Following the refinement of this great discovery, we arrive at several monasteries scattered around Northern Egypt. It was here that the monks of the Coptic Church perfected the sewing structure and the protective covers of their codex to what we know today as Coptic Binding.”

A Here is an intertesting online exhibit called Women in the Book Arts. “This exhibition is designed to show the diversity of recent works by women book artists. The art of the book in the late twentieth century has come a long way from the artist’s book of the early 1900’s with traditional text and illustrations. In terms of both text and format, many innovative women are exploring the limits of what a book is, and the results of their efforts can be appreciated in this sampling. ”

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