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October 2009
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October 20, 2009


Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:08 am

Good morning readers…

The weather has finally dipped into cold temperatures here in the southland. Not quite to freezing yet but there was a bit of frost on the grass this morning. I know some of our neighbors to the north got some snow at the beginning of the week. While I think a little snow would be nice, it always makes things crazy out on the roads here. I hope we don’t see any here until January/February.

For the album makers among you…I have found that Framing Supplies Plus no longer has the best price on the 3M adhesive rolls. Back in June the price was $25.84 for an 11″x50′ roll an d when I went to reorder last night the price had jumped to $52.95 per roll. I understand that they were probably not making much profit at all on a roll but to double the price in four months is kind of crazy. I did send them an email asking if the price was correct. We’ll see what they say.

In the mean time, searching the Internet, I found several places that offer reasonable it at prices. Adorama Camera offers an 11″x50′ roll for $39.00. Depending on where you live shipping for 2 rolls is around $10 or so. Hillas offers it at $34.67 per roll but you have to buy 6 at a time. Also, M&M Distributors offers it for $36.95 per roll with no minimum. Don’t know what the shipping would be.

I have done business with Adorama but not the other two companies so I can’t tell you anything about shipping or customer service.

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