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April 2008
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April 17, 2008

Thursday morning musings…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 8:01 am

Good morning readers.

I am in the final two weeks of the semester at school and things are starting to get a little crazy. I have several projects due by the end of next week. One is a self portrait in oil pastels and the other is a book that encompasses everything that was learned this semester in my visual arts foundations class. The painting won’t be too stressful as I can get most of it done in class but the book will be alot of work as all the pages have to be created from scratch and printed and bound. It will be stressful but fun.

This summer I will only be taking one class so I’ll have more time to concentrate on my bookmaking and getting ready for art shows this fall. I’ll also have more time to work on  new tutorials that have been simmering on the back burner.

The newest book swap is underway over on the forum. We’ve got a large group participating this time. The theme is “My Town” and I am looking forward to seeing what each participant comes up with.

We’ve also got a number of new members and there’s been lots of great chatter going on. Surf on over and join in.

After the semester winds down, I’ll be offering some new styles of the Chameleon as well as a few new DIY accessory tutorials. (To those of you who have been waiting patiently…they’re coming soon…I promise. :) )

I’m off to learn more about world history.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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