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April 2008
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April 6, 2008

Sunday musings and a Custom Chameleon for a friend…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:07 am

Good morning readers…

It’s still overcast, cold and rainy here this morning. To stave off the cold I’ve got fresh hot coffee in the pot and a pan of homemade buttermilk bisquits just came out of the oven.

Hot buttermilk bisquits...mmmmm

A pigeon (or perhaps a dove) seems to have taken up residence outside my studio door and has been happily cooing all morning. I feed the local freeloader ducks who come by every morning looking for a handout and there is a group of pigeons and doves that have gotten in on the action. The doves sit in a tree and the pigeons sit atop my neighbors house and watch for me to come out with food for the ducks.

I’m pleased with the new carpet we had put in on Friday. It makes the family room warm and cozy. The old carpet had long since outlived it’s lifespan. My sick doggie is on meds and special food for his intestinal troubles and is now relegated to the crate at night so there are no “accidents” on the new carpet.

The dogs seem to like it too.

New carpet with dog ornamentation

I’ve been playing around with my Gocco this morning and have happily found that my Samsung CLP-300 Personal Color Laser printers black ink works great for making Gocco screens.

I think I had mentioned before about working on some custom Chameleons. As a prototype, I am making my best friend Holly one. The cover, which is leather, has been painted a teal color and, since her last name is Fox, I Gocco’d a fox on the cover as well as on a number of sheets of cover stock so that the refills could be personalized also. I’m also working on a pen holder feature.

Here are the foxes on the cardstock sheets drying on an available spot.

Gocco foxes

I need to work on a school project this morning but, I’ll be back later this afternoon with photos of the Chameleon to share.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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