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February 2008
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February 21, 2008

Thursday morning musings and the circus is in town…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 9:29 am

All you locals that have been here a while know what that means…it’s gonna snow!

Good morning readers.

It’s a given that every year when the circus arrives in Norfolk, Virginia there will be snow in some form. Sometimes it’s just flurries and sometimes we getted dumped on like the surprize blizzard of 1980 (edited to say that this link should be working now) when no snow was predicted. The people at the circus ended up getting snowed in and couldn’t leave. They had to spend the night in the arena. I wish I had a YouTube vid of the anchorman who made that prediction getting pelted by snowballs the next day. :)

Of course, this year is no exception. They are calling for flurries sometime in the next couple of days.

So…I was up late making a little video to help a new bookbinder with an issue they were having putting their books together. You can check it out here. I was glad to get the chance to utilize my new video camera for something other than videos of the dogs and local ducks.

I’ve been wanting to make some bookbinding videos so this was a good chance to test out the setup, etc. The camera is pretty easy to use and has some limited editing software built in. The one thing it is missing that would be really useful is a way to attach it to a tripod. Unfortuately there was no place to do that so I had to break out the bungie cords. It worked.

The annual quilt show is in town this weekend (Yah!) and I’ll be heading over to it tomm. morning. Even though the show is geared towards quilter, I always find tools, fabrics and such that I can utilize in my binding. I’ll have a full report on my findings this weekend.

Of note…

Peter Goodwin has a new bookbinding video out on binding a book in full leather. I will be reviewing the video for you and should have that up with my Saturday morning post. Stay tuned…

I hope everyone has a great day.

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