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February 2008
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February 28, 2008

Over the hump… for now…

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Hey there readers…

I feel like a slacker in the book making department. I have been so busy with mid term work in my classes the past couple of weeks that I haven’t been able to participate in the Flickr group challenges. Thanks so much to those that have. I appreciate all who have risen to the challenge and taken on a theme or two. Hopefully you have been learning something as well as having fun with it. Also, do take a peek over at the Flickr site now and again because it’s not just for posting challenges. There are some great examples of reader’s books there. Lots of great inspiration for aspiring binders.

Don’t forget that starting this Saturday March 1 it’s our two year “blogaversary” here at TJBookarts and I’m planning a few special things each week to celebrate.

Of note…

Check this out, a whole book on the book arts available for download in chapters from the Booklyn Artists Alliance. Included are instructions for one-sheet, coptic, flag, accordian, stab and pamphlet books. The downloads require a little patience as they are large but well worth it.

If you do download the book, consider making a donation to the Booklyn site to help further their work. From the site: “Booklyn’s staff works tirelessly to put books in the hands of the people and to encourage the people’s hands to make more books.

This age of slick, offset, corporate-controlled publishing is also the age of photocopied zines, artist books, desktop publishing, and the small press. Booklyn’s mission is to encourage the proliferation and appreciation of people-made books as an antidote to industry-produced counterparts.

Founded in 1999, Booklyn is an artist-run, nonprofit organization headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Our mission is to promote artist books as an art form and educational resource; to provide educational institutions and the public with programming involving contemporary artist books; and to assist artists in exhibiting, distributing, and publishing innovative bookwork. ” You can read more on their website here.

While you are there, definitely take a look at some of the artist’s books in the artist’s section by clicking on their names. There are some pretty cool books there.

More stuff to check out… 

Here is an interesting interview with Emma Jane Hogbin of the somewhat defunct (I say somewhat because the site has been in renovation for some time now) website “Strange Little Girl”. She does have a new blog but it is not book arts related like the old one was.

I’m always amazed at the books posted on Google Books that you can look through. I recently came across this one on making fabric memory books by Lesley Riley.

Of course you can’t print the books on Google books and some of them give you a full preview while others only give you a limited preview of the book but, there is definitely enough to look through and decide if you’d like to add it to your library. If you do a search on making books you come up with alot of great titles. Check it out. Also, do a search on bookbinding and you’ll come up with a few good ones such as this one by one of my readers Joanne B. Kaar.

See you on Saturday!

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February 23, 2008

Saturday morning musings and a little film review…

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Good morning readers.

I enjoyed my trip over to the Mid Atlantic Quilt festival yesterday. I checked aout all the booths and amazing quilts, spent my allowance, had lunch and came home exhausted. I bought some really cool things to utilize in my book making. I’ll be showing you in the days to come.

Of note…

While searching the web, I found this site with photos from a Medieval Girdle Book Installation. The Girdle Book: Todays Fashion Accessory for the Modern Man or Woman. Don’t you just love the title? It’s a show with nothing but girdle books. Make sure to check out the page with details about the books. Unfortunately there are no close ups of the books.

As promised…

The Leather Bound Book is the most recent in the series of instructional DVD’s by New Zealand bookbinder Peter Goodwin. The film is produced, filmed and narrated by Janette Heffernen of Jan Mila Ltd.

From the site: “In this DVD master bookbinder Peter Goodwin demonstrates in detail how he achieves this traditional binding, easily, with little fuss. Peter Goodwin has been binding books for over 64 years and is now perhaps one of the last fully apprenticed journeyman bookbinders still practicing his craft.

Thanks to ‘perfect binding’ and the Brittle Book Syndrome traditional bookbinders are no longer needed. The fully bound beautifully decorated leather book is a joy to behold and a joy from which to read. Soon the only way one can own one of these attractive and costly books will be to do it yourself.

Peter Goodwin shows how he does it so in the years to come the craft of bookbinding will not be lost.”

In the film, Peter walks us through the steps for rebinding an old book in full leather. All of the techniques that he demonstrates are clearly understandable and the DVD will give you a very good idea of the work involved in binding a book in full leather.

As with Peter’s other DVD’s, some familiarity with basic bookbinding on the part of the viewer is assumed.

Peter shows us how to take a book apart and prepare it for resewing as well as setting up the frame and sewing the book on cords. He also walks us through adding endsheets, lacing the cords onto the covers and preparing the hollow spine.

Peter does give an overview of the knives that he uses for leather paring and how the leather is pared for binding and briefly shows some paring of the leather but does not give an in depth demonstration of the technique. He does show that very little paring is needed at the edges of the leather as you can take care of the extra thickness of the leather at the turn ins by adding card to fill in the area before applying the endsheets.

Peter’s demonstration of applying the leather covering to the book is very thorough and understandable. He also demonstrates hand gilding of the cover and spine of the book.

What I like about the DVD is that Mr. Goodwin breaks the techniques that he demonstrates down into managable stages that makes it easier for someone who has never done the them to do them for the first time.

I always learn new tips and techniques to add to my “toolbox” when watching Peter’s videos. Peter’s “down to earth” style of demonstrating and humorous chatter throughout the film makes you feel like you are working right  alongside him in his bindery.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced binder, this video is well worth adding to your library.

I give this DVD tutorial Thumbs upThumbs up.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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February 21, 2008

Thursday morning musings and the circus is in town…

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All you locals that have been here a while know what that means…it’s gonna snow!

Good morning readers.

It’s a given that every year when the circus arrives in Norfolk, Virginia there will be snow in some form. Sometimes it’s just flurries and sometimes we getted dumped on like the surprize blizzard of 1980 (edited to say that this link should be working now) when no snow was predicted. The people at the circus ended up getting snowed in and couldn’t leave. They had to spend the night in the arena. I wish I had a YouTube vid of the anchorman who made that prediction getting pelted by snowballs the next day. :)

Of course, this year is no exception. They are calling for flurries sometime in the next couple of days.

So…I was up late making a little video to help a new bookbinder with an issue they were having putting their books together. You can check it out here. I was glad to get the chance to utilize my new video camera for something other than videos of the dogs and local ducks.

I’ve been wanting to make some bookbinding videos so this was a good chance to test out the setup, etc. The camera is pretty easy to use and has some limited editing software built in. The one thing it is missing that would be really useful is a way to attach it to a tripod. Unfortuately there was no place to do that so I had to break out the bungie cords. It worked.

The annual quilt show is in town this weekend (Yah!) and I’ll be heading over to it tomm. morning. Even though the show is geared towards quilter, I always find tools, fabrics and such that I can utilize in my binding. I’ll have a full report on my findings this weekend.

Of note…

Peter Goodwin has a new bookbinding video out on binding a book in full leather. I will be reviewing the video for you and should have that up with my Saturday morning post. Stay tuned…

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

February 19, 2008

Of Tuesdays and finding the time to get things done…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 8:49 am

Good morning readers.

I’ve decided that we need to make the days longer. Is there any way to tack on a few extra hours to the day but still leave enough time to get a decent night’s sleep?

There are so many things that I want to do but not enough hours in the day to do them as well as go to school and run a functional household. I desperately need to cultivate better time management skills. My problem being that I’ve got almost, dare I say it, 50 years of bad habits to break. That’s right, I’m turning 50 in a few months. I’ve already gotten my notice from the AARP that I qualify for a card…

But…where was I? … Oh ya, time management. :o

As far as getting into the groove of a new routine, it’s been said that it takes 21 days to cultivate a new habit but it’s hard getting through those days without falling back into the same old routine.

I’m mostly a procrastinator when it comes to getting things done. I put things off until the last minute. I actually have good intentions about getting things done early but other things come up and well blah blah blah. I do actually keep a to do list but forget to look at it. Could this be a symptom of old age creeping in? Or perhaps it’s because the calendar is buried under a pile of stuff on my desk? Hmmmm… Dealing with clutter is another can o’worms…

Anyway…better time mangement is one of my goals for the year so If anyone has any tips or techniques that work for you, please share.

Of note…

This sewing book is a really cool idea. You could take the idea to the next level and make a book making book. I’ve been wanting to make a travel kit for my tools and supplies. I had been thinking about a roll up kind of thing but I like this idea much better.

Let’s see, I’d need places for several bone folders, scissors, needles, a cake of wax, a few cards of thread, cutting knife, awl, pencil and perhaps a small bottle of PVA. Can you think of anything else that would be needed? What about a small cutting mat? Also, how would you keep the supplies from sliding out when carried?

If anyone makes a book making book I’d love to see the results.

Ricë Freeman-Zachary has created a new Art Journal Quilts group on Yahoo. If you create art journals and you like working with paints and fabric you should check out this group. It’s still in it’s infancy stage but looks like it’s going to be a fun group to be a part of.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

February 17, 2008

Of Sundays, screen printing and copyright…

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Good morning readers.

Yesterday at Jerry’s was good. It was busy and a few more people than usual stopped by the table to chat. I actually was able to finish sewing up two single needle coptic books. One of them I did before but felt that the thread was too thin so I took it apart and sewed it again. The other I prepped yesterday morning to take as my demo book. I must say that I am getting faster at sewing the coptic books and am learning little tricks to make it easier.

I’ve been bitten with the screen printing bug…again.

I want to make screens and print up my own bookcloth, t-shirts and eventually posters. I don’t want much do I?

I’ll be starting with bookcloth. I have a 10″x14″ screen that needs a good cleaning. I’ve done the photo emulsion screens before but I’m thinking of doing a simple resist screen to start.

I really don’t need anymore projects as I have plenty to do for my art classes but I’m hoping to find a little time to play. Perhaps less time spent on the Internet would help…hmmmm.

Remember my post a few weeks ago about copyright? Well… there is a lively discussion going on over in the Handmade Books group on Livejournal about a similar incident. 

On your way there, check out Lee Kottner’s post on copyright on her site. It discusses the incident and how she handled it as well as gives good information on artists and copyright with links to more info. It’s definitely worth a read.

Just because something is posted on the Internet it is not free to use for your own purposes. Alot of people don’t understand this. Especially non-artists. This is one of the reasons that I rarely post photos from other peoples websites or blogs. I only post a link to their site with a description of what you will see there.

There are so many grey areas in the copyright issue that I think it’s best to go by that old rule of thumb that if you don’t want someone to use your work without your permission don’t use theirs without their permission.

I’ll end this with a quote from the discussion on Livejournal from borninjeans “You’d think with all these questions people would just do their own original work but then another lengthy discussion can be made about ‘what is original’ so I’ll let it drop.” Nuff said…

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

February 15, 2008

Friday morning musings…

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Good morning readers…

I hope everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I did. I had lunch with my dearest friend Holly and got chocolates and hugs from my honey.

As my reciprocal gift to my honey, I made a fancy dinner of glazed salmon, oven roasted potatoes, garlic green beans and dark chocolate cake. Mmmmmm….cake.

Chocolate cake 

The recipe can be found here.

Today I’m on a mission to find new lights for my desk. The architects lamp that I have been using finally bit the dust this morning. I knew it was on it’s way out but I have been in denial for a long time. I was able to find something similar to what I have online at the big box office supply store so I’m headed that way in a bit.

I’m also on a mission to get my work space cleaned off. I’ll post before and after photos later so you can see why it was an important task on my list. I’m basically working in a tiny portion of the space trying to keep the stuff that has piled up at bay.

Of note… 

I find myself updating the links page almost daily. I’ll continue to do so until the links run out. I’m also committed to keeping only active links on the page so if you come across one that is not please email me so I can remove it.

Thank you to all who have wrote kind words about the page and to those who have suggested links. I’d still love to hear some more feedback on it. Is it easy to navigate or are there too many links in one place? Would you like to see it in another format? Let me know what you think.

For you local folks, don’t forget that I will be at Jerry’s from 1-4 pm tommorrow (Saturday) demonstrating my craft. As always, stop by and say hi. I’ll have little gifts for those who do. And don’t forget that Jerry’s gives a 20% discount on book making supplies while I’m there.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers.

I hope your day is filled with love and sweet treats.

• • •

February 12, 2008

Tuesday morning musings…

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Good morning readers.

In a few weeks TJBookarts will celebrate it’s second year of existence on the Net. This site has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years and especially in the past year. Since last year we have grown from a few hundred vistors a month to over three thousand. Pretty cool huh?

March first is the kick off of our celebration month and for this year I’m planning to have weekly interviews by various bookbinders and artists as well as a few giveaways. So stick around.

Don’t forget to check out the new links page as I have been updating it every day.

As we creep closer to V-Day…

Alice Simpson graciously shares instructions for her version of a Victorian Puzzle Purse.

The Origami Resource Center has a bunch of hearts you can fold up for your sweetie as well as more puzzle purse instructions.

Here’s some info on the origins of puzzle purses and their uses as well as more instructions to make them. There’s a nice example of an antique Valentine puzzle purse.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

February 9, 2008

Sunday morning musings and an opportunity to show your work…

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Good morning readers…

I have updated the tutorial links page with a few more links this morning. I have also created a page for places that offer learning opportunities in the book arts. Both of these pages are works in progress. I’ll be adding to them regularly.

I’ve also updated my page on books and DVD’s available on bookbinding.

Of note…

Check out the site of Peter Baumgartner. He has a new video out on bookbinding which you can get on DVD or view for free online. He also has a book out which is great for beginners.

I posted this weeks challenge theme over on the Flickr site. You should definitely go over and check out what folks are making in response to the challenges.

The Suffolk Art League and the Suffolk Museum in Suffolk, Virginia are hosting an exhibit this spring entitled “Beyond Reading: Books As Art”.

From the prospectus, “We are looking for artists that create traditional handmade books, as well as artists that create altered booksAltered books, by definition, are any books - old or new - that have been recycled by creative means into works of art. Additionally, we are looking for each artists’ own interpretation of this theme, so our submission parameters are very broad.

We have several east coast artists committed to this exhibit. We are still looking for artists who work in this genre, or who are willing to create their version of Books As Art.

The Suffolk Museum is included in Suffolk’s tour during Virginia’s Garden Week (April 25), and will be opening this exhibit in conjunction with other venues reflecting our overall theme of Beyond Reading”.

If you are interested inparticipating you must RSVP by March 25, 2008 to be included in the show. This is a great opportunity to get your work shown. I would love to see a group of my readers participate. You can download the full prospectus here.

I hope everyone has a great day!

• • •

February 5, 2008

Tuesday musings…

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Good afternoon readers…

I’ve been pretty busy with school stuff the past couple of days. Lots of homework to do in the art classes. I survived the day of testing from hell with two history tests back to back. Luckily that won’t happen again this semester. Phew!

If anyone is interested, I still have the Gocco for sale. You can be find information here. If no one gets it by the weekend I’ll be putting it on Ebay though I’d much rather sell it outright to someone.

On the calendar… 

I have an upcoming demo on the 16th at Jerry’s from 1-4pm. I usually do a demo a week or two before a scheduled class. If you’re local, please stop by and say hi.

The Seattle Center for the Book Arts is hosting their Second Annual Accordion-A-Thon on Saturday March 1, 2008 from 7-10pm at the Pratt Fine Arts Center’s print Studio. More information can be found on their website.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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