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January 2008
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January 12, 2008

Saturday morning musings…

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Good morning readers…

I finally got my challenge book posted over on the Flickr site. It was actually done yesterday but was still in the press drying when I retired for the evening.

Here is a photo of the cover. You can see more details over on Flickr.

 Challenge #1 book

Edited to add: that it is actually quite lovely in person. The photo doesn’t do it much justice. It’s approx. 8″x8″ in size with hand torn natural stonehenge pages. My favorite paper. Perfect for sketching and watercolor. 

I need to use something else besides foam core for my backdrop when taking photos of my books. Or at least ditch the bounced flash and use continuous lighting. The shadows tend to have a greenish grey tint to them. I’ve used black velvet before but it is only good for light books.

I found this tutorial on lighting through another blog. It’s primarily geared towards taking photos of quilts but I think the techniques should carry over well for books since they are basically fiber also. There is a great tutorial for making your own simple light stands as well as a reccommendation for inexpensive lights to use. I am def. going to try a set of the bulbs that they reccommend.

You don’t have to have an expensive camera and fancy setup to get good photos of your books. Knowing a little about how to setup and light your books goes a long way and as we all know having good photographs of your work makes it look nicer online and sell better because of it.

If anyone has any techniques or tips they would like to share I’d love to hear them.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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