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January 2008
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January 30, 2008

Weds. morning musings…can thinking too hard hurt you?

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Good morning readers…

One of the topics that we are covering in our art major orientation class is the subject of copyright and the difference between appropriation and copyright violation.

This got me to thinking about taking published books with artwork on the covers, removing the covers and sewing in blank sheets of paper then selling them. I’ve been seeing alot of these types of books for sale on Etsy lately. It’s not a copyright violation to resell a book that you bought.  By using the original covers you’re not really copying someone’s work.

Would this be a form of appropriation? Fair use perhaps? Def. repurposing but can repurposing violate copyright when it relates to artistic/creative work not bicycle spokes or old soda cans?

If I bought a painting and resold it it wouldn’t be a copyright violation but if I made a copies of that painting and used it as book covers and sold the books it would be. What if I used the actual painting as a book cover and sold it? I’ve repurposed the painting haven’t I? As working artists we need to know here that “line” so we don’t cross it.

I’m not sure this is one of those easily answered questions but I’m curious to know what you all think?

Sorry for making you use your brain so early in the morning. :) Mine is def. starting to hurt…need to get more coffee.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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January 29, 2008

Tuesday morning musings…

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Good morning readers.

This past weekend got away from me somehow. I was busy catching up on homework and household chores. This coming week is gonna be a bit of a bear also in that I have two (not just one) but two history exams Thurs. morning. Oh and sometime in between studying I have to finish my scratchboard drawing.

Speaking of that… my drawing teacher stopped by the site this past weekend (Hi Nancy!) and caught me lamenting on the fact that I had to actually spend time outside of class working on my drawings this semester. (No really…I don’t mind spending hours and hours and hours scratching little tiny lines onto clayboard. Who needs sleep anyway. :D )

Don’t forget the weekly book challenge is up and running. This week’s theme is winter. I’ll be posting the theme for next week on Friday morning. I hope you all will participate.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

January 25, 2008

Come on over and play with us, you know you want to…

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Good morning readers.

Last night I had the awesome experience of being able to see Reba & Kelly in concert. What a treat! It was the best concert I have ever been to. If they are coming to your town, get tickets now. You won’t be diappointed.

The Weekly book challenge is under way and there have been some great examples posted over on the Flickr site. Come on over and play with us. Skill level is not important. The idea is to get you to try new things with your binding, possibly learn something along the way and of course, the big one, have fun!

If you’re a beginner and are not sure where to start, try the simple sewn book tutorial or the basic accordion book from my guides page. Both syles are easy to put together and allow for a good deal of creativity when it comes to the covers.

Of note:

Rhonda of the My Handbound Books blog has reposted her Origami Waterlily Book tutorial.

Janette Hefernan has a new DVD out, The Leather Bound Book DVD with Peter Goodwin. If you’re familiar with the Bookbinding With Peter Goodwin series of DVD’s then you’ll know that they are all informative as well as entertaining to watch. This new one is no exception. I’ll have a full review of the DVD this weekend for you.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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January 21, 2008

Monday musings…

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Good morning readers…

Today is a national/school holiday in celebration of the life and works of Martin Luther King, Jr. Which means I get to spend the day padding around the house in my slippers and catching up on my school work.

I want to thank everyone for their nice comments about my challenge #2 book.

(Edited to add that you can find more details about the book over on Flickr.)

 Challenge book #2

Challenge book #2 open

If was one of those projects that seemed to spiral out of control as I put it together. Probably because I didn’t really have an definite idea about it when I started it. I knew I wanted it to wrap over on itself but that was all I knew for sure. To be honest what I really wanted to make was a fabric cover book but I could excavate the sewing machine because my poor studio is a mess right now. I have been inspired by the cool fabric books by Sue Bleiweiss and wanted to make a few of my own.

Anyway, I finally decided to use that nice thick brown paper bag that I saved from the Chinese takeout we got last week but I didn’t want to make the same old painted brown paper cover so I decided to add some texture to it.

The process…I crumpled up the brown paper then smoothed it out and added a layer of gel medium over the whole surface. Then I put down the cheese cloth and layered more gel medium over the top of that. I originally put on a layer of tracing paper over the cheese cloth but it didn’t have the feel I was looking for so I pulled it off and grabbed some colored tissue from my wrapping paper stash and layered that on making sure not to smooth it out much as I wanted the wrinkled texture.

Once the sandwich dried a bit I painted a base coat of watered down acrylic paint with a brush over the whole surface, let it dry then used a brayer to add additional layers of paint. By using the brayer, I was able to paint the surface of the paper just highlighting the raised bits of paper with the paint. I think I used 4 colors including the base coat. What I really like about the cover is that you can see the texture of the cheese cloth down in the crevices. It also has a very fabric like feel to it.

The material ends up being fairly thick. You could use it as is for your cover or back it with card stock (like I did) or even apply it over boards for a case binding. Personally I think the unique feel of it would be lost somewhat over boards.

I’ve got enough paper left over to send out a few samples to anyone that is interested in seeing what it is like up close and personal. Just email me your address.

Of note…

I made a trip to my local Joann’s fabric store this past weekend. They were having a great sale and I had a 50% off coupon buring a hole in my pocket. I like to peruse the book section because sometimes they have some really neat ones. I came across a book for quilters called The Painted Quilt by Linda and Laura Kemshall. What a great book it is. There are lots of ideas, techniques and instructions for painting and embellishing fabrics that would make wonderfull book covers. I will be playing around with some of the techniques and will be sharing the results with you in future blog posts.

If you like playing with paints, trying new techniques and are looking for something to jump start your creativity, I highly reccommend this book.

BTW..is anyone coming in for the MidAtlantic Quilt Festival in February? Let me know as I would love to have a meetup if you are.

I hope everyone has a great day!

• • •

January 20, 2008

Sunday morning coffee & musings…

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Good morning readers…

Well… the snow (or lack of) was really disappointing. The way the news guys were talking made it seem like we were gonna get dumped on. We got a dusting here. May a half an inch. It didn’t really start till late last night. It was pretty to watch when it was coming down but it’s stopped now and the sun is trying to come out.

So…did you ever have one of those projects that you thought would be fairly simple to put together and the further you got into working on it the larger it seemed to get? If you have then you know what my challenge project has been like to work on and finish these past couple of days. I really thought it was going to be no big deal but it’s been one thing after another. Ack!

I have learned several lessons with this project which I will write about once I finish it. It’s drying right now (again) and I have to add a few embellishments and then I’ll get a photo online. No fooling this time.

I’m teaching a class at Jerry’s this afternoon so I’m off to prepare for that.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

January 19, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:29 am

but inside it’s so delightful and since we’ve no place to go….let it snow let it snow let it snow! 

Hey ya’ll…

(my southern roots are showing…) I’m still working on my challenge #2 project. I glued up the cover this morning and it doesn’t want to dry very fast and I don’t want to attach the block until the cover stops feeling like a wet sponge. I swear it’ll be up by this evening. I may have to help it along a bit.

We are expecting snow here sometime today. We aren’t normally prone to getting much snow here in the Tidewater area so you know what that means…stay home and don’t go out unless you have to because folks drive like absolute maniacs when we get the least little bit of snow on the roads here.  Nuff said…

Lucky for me I’m surrounded by art supplies and snuggly kitties so I’m set for the day. Though I did sign up for a free workshop at Jerry’s today from 2-4 where we will learn techniques for using acrylic paints. It should be fun and I might learn something that I can incorporate into my book covers.

For you local folks…if we don’t get snowed in of course…I’m teaching a class tommorrow at Jerry’s from 1-4. There’s still plenty of spaces available if you are looking for something fun and creative to do. We will be making simple hardcover sketchbooks/journals.

In the mail…

Someone on one of the book arts mailing list I’m on sent this link along. It’s a tutorial on making an artists book. From the site “Use this website to research and make your own unique artist’s notebook, inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels. The Lindisfarne Gospels were created in Northumberland almost 1300 years ago. It is a celebration of word, time and place. You don’t need to know the gospels or be a great artist to take part! You just need time, an open mind, and a willingness to research, experiment and explore.”

The site offers some instructions on interesting techniques for embellishing paper and the book cover. It’s def. worth a look as you might find something you’d like to incorporate into your own books. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for new ideas fow ways to add uniqueness to my covers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day…now…where’s that hair dryer…

• • •

January 18, 2008

Me again…

Filed under: What Was I Thinking — jackie @ 2:14 pm

In the process of cleaning off my work space to finish my challenge book I excavated this big honkin book block. (Please ignore the big mess that is my work space in the background.)

Big honkin book

This baby is 11″ tall by 8.75″ wide and almost 2.75″ thick. What I was thinking when I started this book I’ll never know. I must of been on some “super size me” kick. *

On the bright side, the paper is a nice heavy cardstock with a felt appearance. They call it something else but for the life of me I can’t remember what.

I’m thinking of finishing it with a black leather spine and decorative paper covers or possibly a leather spine and wood cover with some kind of latch. Any suggestions? Anybody need a big thick journal? I’d be happy to finish it to your specs.

Ok…I’m off to finish the big dig out.

* (For the folks from other countries, this is a reference to any fast food restaurant in America. They always ask you if you want to super size your meal.)

• • •

Friday morning musings…

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Good morning readers…

The sun has finally come out after being rainy and cold here in the burbs the past couple of days. My classes have have begun to get busier with lots of ”homework” to do. I got spoiled in drawing one class with being able to finish the assignments during class time. Not anymore. The pieces that we are doing now are time intensive. This past week we started working with pen and ink and are doing drawings of shoes. I’m drawing one of my old leather hiking boots with a .005 pen. Let’s just say it requires lots of hatching and patience. I’m def. way out of my comfort zone here. If I can get it on the scanner, I’ll post a pic of my shoe when it’s done for your viewing enjoyment.

Music to make books by.

I ‘m one of those people that likes to work without any noise so I usually don’t listen to anything while I work. Occassionally I’ll put on a Podcast or in the late afternoon the TV that is in the next room. And every once in a while I’ll put on the local NPR station or a CD to listen to.

A muscian that I came across a while back that I find nice to listen to while working is Alison Crowe. She’s a Canadian singer-songwriter that accompanies herself on the piano when she sings. She is lovely to listen to. This is one of my favorites.

Another artist that I heard recently is Ingrid Michaelson. Well… I’ve actually heard her before on the Old Navy commercial and the Grey’s Anatomy TV show but didn’t know it was her. Both of these ladies are Indie artists. Check them out if you get a chance.

Of note… 

If you’ve ever considered making your own Zine, you may want to check out the adventures Ricë Freeman-Zachery had getting her newest Zine printed.  Ricë is an artist and writer and has recently written a book called Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists. You can check out her work and buy copies of her new Zine over on her blog.

Don’t forget to check out the results of challenge #2 over on the Flickr site and see what’s coming up for next week.

(Edited to add…that my challenge book is in the making and will be up this evening sometime.)

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

January 16, 2008

When good blogs get neglected…

Filed under: Morning Musings, online tutorials — jackie @ 8:40 am

Good morning readers… 

I’ve been musing a bit lately on the subject of defunct websites. I think it is sad when a good site gets neglected then just finally goes away. I know that things come up and life happens and people no longer have the time or interest to care for their sites. I also understand that it can be a little taxing financially to keep a site going but it is still sad to see them go.

Thanks to the wayback machine you can usually find the info from the long gone site. Unfortuneatly alot of times the photos are missing.

I also think it’s sad when good blogs start falling by the wayside. I’m not just talking about book blogs but others as well. I think people post post post for the first few months or year or so and just when they’ve built up a good following of readers they burn out and either stop posting or post once every few months. I know it’s hard to continually find fresh content for your blog but if you want your readers to come back you need to post at least once or a few times a week.

When I first started this site I wasn’t sure what to write about so I posted only once in a while. Then I felt like I needed to have something to say every day. Now, mostly because of my schedule, I realize that posting a few times a week is ok as long as I am consistent and do so and have found that I can always find a little something to write about.

Another thing that I find helpful is that I might start a post a day or two before I actually post it. That gives me time to add info as I find it and flesh it out a bit. Like this post. This one that you are reading was started yesterday morning but I didn’t have time to put all my thoughts in order until this morning. :)

For those new to blogging, here is a site that might be helpful.

Of note:

I created a page for the list of resources for repairing books and put a link over on the sidebar to make the info more easily available to you all.

The Etsy Street team did a nice post on headband tutorials about a week or so ago. If you sell your work on Etsy you really should be a member of the Bookbinding Street Team as they are doing alot to help promote one another.

Here’s a tutorial for making beaded headbands from Abi over at the Evilrooster Bookweb site.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

January 13, 2008

Sunday morning coffee & musings…

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Good morning readers…

Just a reminder for the local readers, I’ll be at Jerry’s Artarama today from 1-4 demoing. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say “hiâ€?. I’ll have my challenge book with me for you to see up close and as an extra incentive, I have a few little gifts to give out to those who stop by. And, as always, they give a discount on bookbinding supplies and those fancy papers while I’m there. :)

I’m happy with the response to the first challenge. I’m really hoping that it takes off and more of you decide to participate in the future. It is a great chance to get some new ideas and try some new techniques. Skill level is not important. If you are a beginner and only make Hedgehogs or perhaps coptic bindings then try out the weekly theme on the type of binding you are comfortable with.

I’m off to prep my samples for next week’s class.

I hope everyone has a great day.


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