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December 2007
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December 9, 2007

The final push and a few musings…

Filed under: Inspiration, Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:53 am

Good morning readers…

Just two more days of classes and studying for finals and then I’ll have a few weeks break before jumping into school head first again at the beginning of the year.

I started a bit of holiday baking last night. I made two batches of cranberry almond biscotti and this morning I am preparing the dough for Stollen, which is a type of yeast bread made with nuts and candied fruit.  I used to bake tons of cookies but now I just bake breads and biscotti’s. Though I have been tempted by the cookie recipes delivered to my inbox from the Food Network this past week.

(Please note that the gratuitous mention of baked goods was for Diane and Clara. :) )

I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting recently and I found this quote on another blog and thought it very apropo as we leave one year an embark on a new one.

Discipline is remembering what you want.
- David Campbell

The biggest complaint I hear from my artist friends is that they don’t have the discipline to sit down and work on their art on a daily basis. That they are “too busy” doing daily chores or talking with friends or running errands or…

I am certainly guilty of this too. When you work for someone else you have no choice but to be there or not get paid. When you work for yourself you choose to work because if you don’t you won’t make any money.

A few years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions. I now call them “goals for the new year”. I found that calling them resolutions made it more stressful as it’s alot easier to try and make your goals than to keep resolutions.

With school added into the mix for the coming year I am really going to have to work at being more disciplined as well as {{{shudder}}} more organized.

I will be formulating my goals for the new year in the coming weeks and will share them with you on the first in hopes that announcing them to the world it will keep me on the path to fulfilling them. :)

I hope everyone has a great day.

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