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August 2007
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August 29, 2007

Wednesday morning musings and 117 days…

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Good morning readers.

The weather here has been mild the past couple of days which has been a nice change. I’m trying not to whine about wanting fall to come and having fairly nice days really helps. The one thing about fall that I don’t care much for is the shortening of the days. I realized walking out of my evening class last night that before the end of the semester it would be dark by the time we got out.

That being said, I really want to break out my knitting and finish that wool sweater I started last winter that only has one sleeve and half a body. Also, I have socks and a pair of slippers on needles in a bag somewhere. It seems that I am a seasonal knitter.

Ideas for the Holidays:

Leslie of the Comfortable Shoes Blog has posted the rest of her tutorial on using coffee bags for making the little notebooks similar to the Moleskine Cahiers. These would make great little gifts for the coffee drinker in your life.

Theme baskets always make nice gifts. For a journaler you could include a handmade journal, a nice mug, some fancy coffee or tea, a handmade bookmark and some baked goods or sweets.

For a reader just substitute the journal with a book in their favorite genre or perhaps a gift certificate to their favorite book store.

For a letter writer add some handmade stationary or cards and a nice pen.

Not necessarily book related, but for my sisters (they don’t read my blog) this year I plan on making a bread baking kit with a cookbook, a handmade bread cloth, some yeast and some fancy flour all packed into a clay bread pan.

Of note:

If you’re interested in type here is a two part article on 70’s type. From the site: The decade from 1970 to 1980 stands out for many reasons, from sideburns to Richard Nixon to disco. But the things Gene Gable remembers most fondly are the decorative, bold, and sometimes goofy type designs. Gas was in short supply during some of the 1970s, but not so great type designs. Several new companies and technologies emerged that made that period the decade of display type. While good headlines were still set one letter at a time, new technology gave both designers and typesetters almost unlimited options. The results, says Gene Gable, while not always readable, were at least nice to look at. Part 1 and Part 2.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

August 27, 2007

Monday musings and tag I’m it…

Filed under: Fun, Morning Musings — jackie @ 7:42 pm

Good evening readers.

Today was my first day of school with multiple classes. I’m still trying to adjust my schedule to the changes and the amazing amount of reading I will have to be doing so my postings will probably at odd intervals until I settle in to a schedule. Please bear with me. :D I really think I am going to enjoy being back in school.

Yesterday I was tagged by Papermuse. It seems that the rules of the game are to list 6 weird/interesting things about yourself and then tag a further 6 bloggers (by going to their blog and telling them to check out your blog post related to this) to keep the momentum going. List your 6 tagged bloggers at the bottom of your post.

  1. I look alot younger than I really am. I won’t say how old I am but I graduated from HS the year of our country’s bicentennial.
  2. I sometimes have creepy dreams about old concrete pools with dark water.
  3. I have 3 big dogs, two kitties and I feed the neighborhood birds and ducks.
  4. I love baking bread so much I want to build a wood fired clay oven in my back yard.
  5. I wanted to go to acting school after I graduated from high school. I ended up enrolling in the biomedical photography program at RIT but never got a degree.
  6. As I kid I would buy old hardbound books from the used bookstore just because I liked the covers.

I think everyone that I would tag has already been tagged so I tagged everyone over on the forum. Surf on over and let us know a little bit about yourself.

I hope everyone has a great evening.

• • •

August 26, 2007

A rainy Sunday afternoon…

Filed under: Morning Musings, online tutorials — jackie @ 3:03 pm

Good afternoon readers.

I’m still here trying to embrace summer but it has been so darn hot the past couple of days. The storm we are getting right now will be a relief if the sun doesn’t come out blazing afterwards and make it humid as heck.

It’s been a lazy weekend for me. I have been spending time relaxing and doing mindless activities like watching movies and napping. :D

Of note:

The very prolific bookmaker Rhonda of the My Handbound Books Blog posted a tutorial on making a Waterlily book. A fun little book structure that looks simple to make.

Also, Leslie of the Comfortable Shoes Blog posted a tutorial on using coffee bags for making the little notepads similar to the Moleskine Cahiers.

Well…back to being lazy. I’ll leave you with a summer bouquet.

Summer bouguet

I hope everyone has an enjoyable afternoon.

• • •

August 24, 2007

Friday morning musings & wishing our days away…

Filed under: Morning Musings, online tutorials — jackie @ 8:49 am

Good morning readers.

I hope all of you are doing well and that if you are in any of the areas affected by hurricane Dean or all that flooding that you are safe and dry.

The past few days have been overcast off and on without rain here. This morning it is overcast and it looks like we’ll have high 80’s to low 90’s temps. A little bit hotter than yesterday.

You’ll remember that a few posts back I was lamenting about summer and wishing for fall. My friend and I were talking and because fall weather is still several months away in our area we should probably enjoy the weather we have by thinking about the good things of summer. So…instead of wishing my days away I made a list of some of the things that I like about summer. Here’s a few.

Summers are:

  • Sitting on the porch in the evenings listening to the crickets sing.
  • The sound of the wooden screen door slamming against the door frame.
  • Fresh tomatos, basil and mozzarella drizzeled with olive oil
  • Cold melon pieces from the fridge
  • Iced coffee
  • Farmers markets
  • Fresh local flowers
  • Walking along the beach, pants rolled up, feet sloshing in the cool water
  • Music on the streets at the oceanfront
  • A bike ride in the park
  • Roasting marshmellows around a camp fire
  • Smore’s
  • Canoeing down river and stopping for lunch on some rocks

Of note:

If you are familiar with the Instructables site, you know that the tutorials there are hit or miss when it comes to being good. Some of them are great and some are so so. I recently came across a tutorial on Instructable for making a basic messenger bag. I’m pretty stocked to try it as it looks pretty decent. I have been wanting to make a bag but have been too lazy to create my own pattern. You can download a pdf file of the pattern.

Andrea of the Scout and Jem Blog, has created some nice looking book frocks. There is no tutorial but they might give you some ideas on making some of your own.

For a tutorial on making book covers, checkout the Moonstitches Blog. It has lots of good photographs with descriptions. 

I’ll leave you with a summer sky at dusk.

Summer sky outside my door

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

August 22, 2007

Wednesday morning musings and 124 days…

Filed under: Morning Musings, Popup books, stuff to buy — jackie @ 8:33 am

Good morning readers.

Yesterday was a busy day finishing projects, running errands and getting ready for school. Last night we had a major storm blow through and power went out for a short time. It brought with it high winds, thunder and lightning and some more of the much needed rain.

It’s Wednesday and of course the day that I mention possiible sites to visit to find book arts gifts as well as gifts for your book artist.

Fototiller is a website covering all things photographic, with a particular focus on the intersection of photography and design. They do mention journals and albums as well as other unique gift ideas. One of my favorites that they mention is this pop-up album. You can also see a little video about the album here. Make sure to count how many times the announcer says “photo-pop pop-up photo album”. :D

Here’s a Christmas pop-up photo album which is actually kind of cool from the Goffengel Workshop.

Moo has some unique items that would make great gifts. Not only do they have those great little Moo cards but they also have sticker books and notecards. The sticker books would make a great promo item for your handmade books.

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •

August 20, 2007

Monday morning musings…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 8:55 am

Good morning readers.

Yesterday was a fairly nice day here. The sky was overcast most of the day with occassional sunny patches. It was actually nice enough to site outside in the evening with some family that is visiting from out of town and have a drink and chat.

On the bookmaking front, I ended up getting all the parts to make a temperature controlled wordburning tool. I got this tool set from AC Moore with a 40% off coupon and the rest of the parts from Lowes. Then I got my brother in law to help me put it together because I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. He’s a bit of an electrical geek. One of the reasons that I wanted him to help was that I ended up using a 16 gauge extension cord instead of the 12 gauge recommended in the instructions for making the temperature controller. I wanted to make sure it was ok to make the substitution because the 12 gauge cords were really thick and cost 3 times as much as the 16 gauge cords. Plus it was harder to find them in shorter lengths. I’m thinking of dragging out a few scrap pieces of leather and trying a bit of writing later on it today. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Of note:

Artist Jade Pegler has a site and a blog full of interesting and unique works of art that incorporate paper and bookmaking. From the site: Jade Pegler’s work with paper and textiles combines a range of techniques including papiermache, bookbinding, hand and machine stitching, collage and origami.

I hope everyone has a great day. 

• • •

August 19, 2007

Sunday morning coffee and musings…

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Good morning readers.

It’s a slow lazy Sunday morning here. The sky is overcast but rain isn’t predicted until later this evening. I have many things that I need to do but none that I feel like doing.

Yesterday afternoon was spent taking photographs at the 90th birthday party of a woman with a large and loving family. I was honored that I could be a part of the celebration.

Of note:

Johan Potgieter has posted a cool example of some fine writing that he does on leather using a fine tipped woodburning tool. He also posts a link to a mini movie on his Leather Learn site as well as a link to a site where you can make yourself an inexpense heat controlled woodburning tool. 

I def. want to try that out. Though my handwriting is not as pretty as his. Perhaps I’ll swing by the craft store and hardware store later and pick up the parts for the burner and give it a try. I think leather journal covers with writing would be pretty awesome. Perhaps with quotes from books or poetry.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day relaxing or being creative.

• • •

August 17, 2007

Dreaming of fall…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 9:24 am

Good morning readers.

We had some much needed rain last night in the form of severe thunderstorms. Our area didn’t get it as badly as some of the areas to the northwest of us. I’m not a big fan of the dog days of summer as they herald the beginning of hurricane season here.

School starts for me next week and I have a bunch of things that need to get finished before then but I don’t seem to get much done lately. I find myself daydreaming about owning a little piece of property with a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains after seeing this video.

And I am also dreaming of fall and longing for fall colors and cool air. I used to think that my favorite time of year was spring but as I get older I seem to look forward to fall more. 

Ah fall…*sigh* Fall is shades of browns and deep greens. Fall is leather boots and wool sweaters to keep the evening chill away. Fall is long walks in the woods, coffee out on the porch in the morning and frisky dogs. Fall is frost on the grass in the morning. Fall is squash and pumpkins and heavy breads. Fall is hot soup and chili and the promise of a warm cave to hibernate through the winter in. Fall is the end of putting by and the beginning of using up. Fall is le prélude à l’hiver. (the prelude to winter.)

A little bit of fall to get you dreaming…..

Fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Morning frost on the grass

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

• • •

August 16, 2007

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:58 am

My very bad friend gave me a catalog from this company yesterday. Go there and order the fall catalog.

It’s just heaven!

• • •

Thursday morning musings…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 8:51 am

Good morning readers.

The weather and the storms in the Atlantic are heating up a bit. I don’t think we will have as cool a weekend as we had this past one.

On the scarey front, I’ve been listening to ABBA songs the past few days. Perhaps I have some deep seeded longing to revist my 70’s disco days…..Hmmmm. :D 

I wanted to remind all the local folks that Jerry’s in Virginia Beach will be having another open house tomm. night from 6-9pm. All the artists who teach will be there demonstrating their craft and there will be refreshments and some cool door prizes that they give away about every 15 mins or so. I will be demonstrating and will also have a little book making station setup for making the matchbook notepads. I hope to see some of you there.

Of note:

Rhonda Miller has some lovely examples of bindings over on her blog. She just finished working through her to-do list of historical bindings and now she is working her way through the crossed structure bindings. My favorite of her bindings done so far are the girdle books that she made.

By way of the Fade Theory blog OnDemandBooks.com has deployed a fully automatic one off perfect binding machine called the Expresso Book Machine. From the site…On Demand Books LLC. is planning to become the first company to globally deploy a low cost, totally automatic book machine (The Espresso Book Machine), which can produce 15 - 20 library quality paperback books per hour, in any language, in quantities of one, without any human intervention. This technology and process will produce one each of ten different books at the same speed and cost as it can produce ten copies of the same book. ODB has two machines currently deployed (one at the World Bank InfoShop in Washington DC, and one at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt). Very cool!

I hope everyone has a great day.

• • •
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