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July 2007
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July 11, 2007

Filed under: General — jackie @ 11:33 am

If you haven’t checked the Flickr group recently, head on over. There is some lovely new work that has been posted there by tussenpozen and Mistress of Longears. Which, of course, makes me realize I need to get on the ball and post some of my own stuff.

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I pityeth the fooleth…

Filed under: Inspiration, Morning Musings — jackie @ 6:22 am

Good morning readers.

Yesterday was yet another hot one here in the Hampton Roads area. I hope wherever you are your weather was a little more forgiving. It looks like rain here this morning, which we need badly, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to rain in my area. Yesterday it was raining like mad in downtown Norfolk (which is 20 mins away) and nothing here. My poor yard is brown. The lawn boy came by and cut the lawn but I liken it to a bald guy getting a haircut. :D

On to book related stuff…

Since aquiring a couple of used Gocco printers I have been trying to figure out what I would like my first Gocco printed project to be. After checking out the Book Dragon blog and seeing her wonderfully creative book plates, I decided that my first project would be just that, a custom designed bookplate. So, I dug out my copy of Art of the Bookplate by James P. Keenan for some inspiration and got to work designing one of my own.

A great ex libris quote, also by way of Book Dragon, the Medieval Book Curse

For him that stealeth, or borroweth and returneth not, this book from its owner, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with palsy, and all his members blasted. Let him languish in pain crying out for mercy, & let there be no surcease to his agony till he sing in dissolution. Let bookworms gnaw his entrails [. . .] when at last he goeth to his final punishment, let the flames of Hell consume him forever. [sic] (Basbanes, 35)

Basically it’s the Medieval way of saying “I pity the fool who touches my books.” :D

And, of course, I had to look up the definition of “ex libris” because the “needs to make sense” side of my brain couldn’t quite figure why some bookplates had the wording on them and some did not. Here is a definition from answers.com

The noun ex libris has one meaning: a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted.   Synonym: bookplate

It’s pretty much a given that that little pasted on piece of art work with your name written on it that’s pasted on the inside front cover of your books is a bookplate. So, why do some have the wording on them? Is it so you are sure that it is a bookplate? Is it because ”ex libris” looks cooler than say… the word “bookplate”?

In the above referenced book on bookplates, the definition is given as “The words ex libris are taken from the Latin, meaning ‘from the books of’ or ‘from the library of’.” This of course makes more sense.

Of note…

The entry Deadline for the Bonefolder Bind-O-Rama 2007 is September 30, 2007. Initiated in 2004, the Bind-O-Rama challenge and online exhibition has become an annual event. To continue that tradition, the 2007 Bind-O-Rama will be a set book exhibition featuring the catalog to the Guild’s 100th anniversary exhibition. Full Bind-O-Rama guidelines and a link to the catalog order form can be found on the book arts web. Entries will be compiled into an online catalog, which will be viewable on the Book Arts Web as well as in the Bonefolder.

The San Francisco Center for the Book’s Fourth Annual Roadworks: Steamroller Prints and Street Fair happens on Saturday, September 8, 2007 from 11am - 5pm. It is their annual fundraiser. Here is a page with some info and photos from last years fair.

I love the idea of steamroller prints. Here is a link to another steamroller printing event that celebrates the Day of the Dead. From the site… Every year over 80 artists collaborate to bring together the Day of the Dead Steamroller Print Project. Students from The University of Montana, Hellgate High School, Sussex Middle School and individual artists from the community create and cut blocks that are printed in the event. Works created during the day long print event are carried in Missoula’s Annual Festival of the Day Parade and will be exhibited in downtown Missoula during the month of November. There is also a movie of the printmaking.

On that same note…Maria Arango and Daryl DePry’s monster woodblock print. Printed by running over it with the car tires. :D

I hope everyone has a great day.

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July 10, 2007

Tuesday morning musings and the perfect bag redux…

Filed under: Book Bags, Morning Musings — jackie @ 7:43 am

Good morning readers.

Yesterday was another Hot Humid Hazy and did I say HOT? day here in Va. Beach. Yesterday I also found out someone stole my business check card info and tried to buy some stuff in my name on the QVC site Saturday evening. Kudos go to QVC for figuring out there something was wrong and closing the account and canceling the order. Which means neither myself or the bank is out any money. I did close out the card and am getting a new one. I don’t use that card much so I’m assuming someone at one of the places I used it last week snatched my info.

So you say you want to get organized? What better way to do it than with a handmade organizer. There are several sites that are very helpful in leading you down the path to self organization.

A great site for information and downloads for creating your own PDA is D*I*Y Planner. There is lots of information and downloadable planner pages on this site. From the site…We are a community of people who see the value of paper as a medium for planning, productivity, creative expression, and exploring ideas. We encourage visitors to share advice and inspiration, and we love to see submissions for templates, kit images and story articles. We are also the official home of the free D*I*Y Planner kits.

If you want to go smaller than a traditional PDA, check out the Pocket Mod site. From the site…The PocketMod is a new way to keep yourself organized. Lets face it, PDAs are too expensive and cumbersome, and organizers are bulky and hard to carry around. Nothing beats a folded up piece of paper. That is until now. With the PocketMod, you can carry around the days notes, keep them organized in any way you wish, then easily transfer the notes to your PDA, spreadsheet, or planner.

Now that you’ve got your planner made, you’ll need to brush up on your skills for staying organized. Here a website to help you in your quest. 43 Folders is a website about personal productivity, “life hacks,â€? and simple ways to make your life a little better.

Mind rattle alert… ;)

(read more…)

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July 9, 2007

Monday morning musings…

Filed under: Book Festivals and Fairs, Morning Musings — jackie @ 7:58 am

Good morning readers.

It’s overcast here in Va. Beach this morning. Yesterday was a nice day. We babysat for one of our little nieces and I tried to relax more and work less. It’s hard not to work all the time when you are working from home.Â

A little article on Getting Things Green over on the DIY Planner site. If you haven’t been over there yet it’s worth a look. Especially if you are trying to get yourself organized. There’s lots of information on how to create your own day planner and accessories as well as downloadable tools and pages you can print out.

Continuing with the DIY line of thought…if you’re an independent book publisher check out DIYConvention.com. They have a contest every year for the best independent books in diff. categories. From the site…The 2007 DIY Book Festival has issued a call for entries for its sixth annual program celebrating the success of independent authors and publishers. The DIY Book Festival will consider self-published or independent publisher non-fiction, fiction, biography/autobiography, children’s books, teenage, how-to, cookbooks, science fiction, audio/spoken word, photography, art, comics, ‘zines, fan fiction, poetry and e-books published on or after Jan. 1, 2005. All entries must be in English and have been self-published or issued by an independent publishing house. *** Please note that print-on-demand (POD) authors with iUniverse, PublishAmerica, Infinity Publishing and other outlets are eligible for the competition. Our grand prize for the 2007 DIYBF Book of the Year is $1500 cash and a flight to the awards ceremony. All entrants receive free admission to the annual DIY Convention in Los Angeles.

I’m thinking about submitting my Flush Mount Album Guide to the how-to section.

If you’re interested in attending book fairs, the Library of Congress publishes a list on it’s site.

I also did an online search for book fairs and came up with alot of results. The New Orleans Book Fair looks like it would be fun.

On the book arts front, there is the Biennial Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair And Conference. I went to this fair one of the first years they had it. Something has always kept me from being able to go since. I am looking forward to going to the next one in 2008.

Another art book festival is the New York Art Book Fair sponsored by Printed Matter. It looks like it is being held on Friday & Saturday, September 28 - 29, 2007, 11am - 7pm and Sunday, September 30, 2007, 11am - 5pm this year.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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July 8, 2007

Sunday morning books and coffee…

Filed under: General — jackie @ 10:36 am

Good morning readers.

It looks like it is going to be another sunny and HOT day here in Va. Beach. I’ve spent the past couple days catching up with friends visiting from out of town and running personal errands.

In the mail this week…

The Sic Press is offering 2 oz sample packets of their book deodorizer, which is enough to deodorize a couple of books,  for $2.00. From the email…Deodorizer is all natural, non-toxic, inert and completely guaranteed. www.bookdeodorizer.com  [sample button is top of page on left.]

Convivio Bookworks just published a new book. From the email…Convivio Bookworks is pleased to announce the release of our newest limited edition book, “Works on Paper” by poet Shin Yu Pai, printedÂ
letterpress by hand on kozo papers using our Vandercook 4 Proof Press. The poems are presented in four distinct cycles; the reader is guided through each cycle by endsheets of earthbound colored handmade Moriki paper. The book itself is sewn on a concertina of handmade Fabriano Roma paper, then bound in boards wrapped in Kumoi paper that is printed with beeswax and dyed in kakishibu–a traditional Japanese dye made from fermented persimmons. 125 copies were printed.

For those interested in letterpress printing, The Penland School of Crafts has opened up the new Paul Hayden Duensing Letterpress and Print Studio. From the email… It is a magnificent state-of-the-art facility with letterpress on one side and printmaking on the other, and a real statement about the importance of both at Penland. Steve Miller has posted a video on YouTube that he made while teaching there.

A couple of exhibits…

BiblioKinetics: the Pop-Up Artist Books of Shawn Sheehy on Exhibit at Asheville BookWorks from July 6 - August 11. There is an exhibition reception on Thursday, July 19, from 5:00-8:00 pm. This exhibit will be on display July 6 - August 11, it is free and open to the public. From the email…Who hasn’t been surprised and delighted by the apparent magic of a pop-up book? Shawn Sheehy creates artists books that reflect on themes of sustainability, balance, and biological and cultural evolution. His
pop-up books explore ecological principles such as organism interrelationships and system balance. Aesthetically, they carry the appeal of popular children’s pop-ups; conceptually, they carry content
to appeal to all ages. This exhibit will feature Shawn’s process ephemera as well as his books.
There is also a Pop-ups 101 workshop from July 16-20.

PULP FUNCTION May 19, 2007 - January 6, 2008 in Brockton, MA. From the email… Paper, that humble material that we use daily and take for granted, becomes material for art in Pulp Function, on exhibit at Fuller Craft Museum May 19, 2007 through January 6, 2008. Curated by Lloyd Herman, Director Emeritus of the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery, Pulp Function is a survey of contemporary paper art that celebrates new works of paper art with over eighty objects by emerging and established artists from across America. Pulp Function will debut at Fuller Craft Museum before traveling to museums across the country including Plains Art Museum, ND and the James Michener Museum, PA.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MISS ROJ, an artist book and MISS ROJ, a sculpture created by Alice Simpson inspired by Kentucky born director, writer and producer George C. Wolfe’s 1986 play The Colored Museum for VISIONS FROM VOICES:  Art inspired by Kentucky poetry, prose and songwriting
at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, Kentucky. The exhibit runs from July 5th to September 5, 2007. From the email…THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MISS ROJ, one of eleven vignettes in Wolfe’s play, features a defiant snap drag queen who rages against exploitation and indifference with scathing humor. “. . . when the truth comes piercing through the dark, well you just can’t let it pass unnoticed. No, darling. You must pronounce it with a snap.â€? –Miss Roj

I hope everyone has a great day.

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July 5, 2007

Thursday morning musings…

Filed under: General, Morning Musings, online tutorials — jackie @ 8:46 am

Good morning readers.

I hope everyone that was celebrating had a nice fourth of July. I didn’t have any hot dogs but did spend some time relaxing with family.

It seems that TJBookarts has gotten mentioned on several other blogs in the past few days. :)

A while back I sent Artist Penny Sanford a few little gifts that included a matchbook sketchbook as a thank you for sharing her heart yo yo pattern. She blogged about them yesterday. 

My little matchbook sketchbooks are also mentioned on a the german bookbinding blog of Tulibri.

If you’d like to make some matchbook notepads of your own, here’s a link to a simple tutorial on making them at About.com. They make great gifts and giveaways for parties and baby showers.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Filed under: General — jackie @ 10:59 am

I just wanted to wish all the American readers out there a Happy July 4th.

Please remember to stay safe and don’t eat too many hot dogs. :o

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July 3, 2007

Tues. morning musings…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:33 am

Good morning readers.

It’s sunny and cool here in Va. Beach this morning. It feels more like late spring than mid summer today.

A site of note this morning…

Though not specifically book arts related, artist Maria Arango’s 1000 Woodcuts site is packed with information that is helpful to artists of all genre’s. She has lots of information on how to prepare yourself for art shows as well as an art festival guide. From the site, Making a living as an artist, the brave way! Entertaining and thorough account on how to launch a career as an art festival artist. A book for brave artists who embark on the treacherous and most wonderful adventure of selling artful creations in art festivals and generally directly to the public. What you will need, how to choose shows, sales at the booth, marketing and promotion, setting goals for continued success, display tips, tricks of the trade, staying healthy and much more.

If you’re a book artist and are interested in how to create your art while folowing the “green living” philosophy, check out the discussion on the forum that’s going on right now.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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July 2, 2007

It ain’t easy being green…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 9:08 am

Good morning readers.

It’s a beautiful sunny and cool morning here in the ‘burbs of Va. Beach. It was a busy weekend workwise for me.  Which means it will be a busy next few days as I finish up processing all the files from the weekend’s photo shoots.

Of note this morning…

The Convivio Book of Days for July is online. 

For anyone interested in letterpress, the July issue of the Gallygab is out.

“It ain’t easy being green…”

Kermit the frog seems to sum up one of the earth’s biggest issues with that statement.

I read with interest a discussion on a photo forum about “green” photography and how, as photographers, we could offer services that reflected the green philosophy. This got me to thinking about how as a bookbinder and book artist I could effectively put that philosophy into practice in my work. What could I do differently and what products could I offer that would be considered “green”?

Recycled papers are, of course, the first option. What about cover materials? Again, there are recycled papers. What about cork or bamboo? Would these materials be viable as cover materials?

I’d love to get a discussion about this going so I’ll start a post over on the forum in the general binding section. Please come on over and share your thoughts.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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