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June 2007
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June 23, 2007

Saturday morning musings and the pitiful journaler…

Filed under: Inspiration, Journaling, Morning Musings — jackie @ 9:50 am

Good morning readers.

It’s been an absolutely beautiful the past couple of days here in the suburbs of Va. Beach. Lots of sunshine and breezes. It looks like today is going to be another one. This week has flown by. I can’t believe it’s Saturday already and there is only one week left in the month.

I appreciate the great response I’ve had to my new Flush Mount Album Guide. I’m surprised at how many people ordered the printed copy in lieu of the downloadable one.

Of note this morning…

If you’re looking for a unique way of opening your journals, check this cool book clasp out. The clasp reminds me of something you would see in the notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. There’s a video showing how it works. Pretty cool!

Speaking of notebooks…I admit it. I am a voyeur. I love to look at other people’s notebooks, sketchbooks and journals. Only if they are published or I am invited too. :o

I have to also admit that as much as I love looking at OPJ (other people’s journals) I am pretty bad about keeping one myself. It’s not that I don’t have the desire or plenty of journals to create in. I have boxes off them. I’m just not good at being consistent about it. Plus my quest to find or make the perfect size journal is an ongoing mission which seems will never be completed. Anyone else have that problem? it’s the same with bags. It seems I’ll never find the perfect bag but that’s another story all together.

If you are interested in keeping a visual journal like Leonardo did so many years ago, here are a few links to get your creative juices going.

Roz Works is the website of artist Roslyn Stendahl. Check out the “Fun” link on her site for some cools photos of pages from her journals

I love Cathy Johnson’s books on nature journaling. Her site has some great stuff on it as well.

This page on Kay Porterfield’s site page has some great information as well as links to other resources on journaling.

If you are a fan of the mighty Moleskine notebook, You will enjoy perusing the Moleskine Art site. It is very visual with lots of information and links to galleries of art work done in them.

Now off surfing you go…

Till next time.

Have a great day.

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