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May 2007
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May 26, 2007

Saturday morning musings…

Filed under: General — jackie @ 10:35 am

Good morning readers.

It’s quiet here at the suburban ranch this morning. All the critters are feed and are either napping or outside getting a bit of fresh air.

I’ve noticed alot of folks linking to this site and the tutorials. I really appreciate the support. I would like to ask folks to please not link to the tutorials themselves but rather to the tutorials page. There are a few reasons for this. One is so that people get to see the whole site when they visit not just the tutorial PDF and another is that I will be making some major upgrades to this site by the end of the year and the file locations may change.

A couple of news items…

I understand that there will be a section on leather paring in the upcoming DVD by Janette Heffernen and Peter Goodwin on full leather binding. For you folks that have wanted to try a leather binding I think the DVD will be very informative. 

I am in the process of finally finishing up my PDF tutorial on flush mount album binding and will have it available sometime the first week of June. It’s taken extra time to put together because I wanted to make sure that all the steps were well documented and easily understandable. Unfortunately because of the time involved in making this tutorial I will not be able to offer it as a free download. Watch for more information on this page.

Continuing on with my discussion of headbands yesterday afternoon, I wanted to post another photo showing the headband in progress.

Here is one that shows more clearly the def. between the two colors with the sewing threads still attached.

Two color headband in progress

It gives you a really good idea of the process. Wrap three times, bring the thread over a fourth time but not through the cloth and pass the other color over and through to the back.

I’m actually going to try to make a little video of the process this morning. We’ll see how it goes. :)

I hope everyone has a great day.


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