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May 2007
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May 22, 2007

DVD Review: The 1819 Atlas

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Good afternoon readers.

It’s been another fine day weather wise here in Va. Beach. I was up and out early this morning to meet with a client about taking some photographs. When I returned I was able to sit down and finally watch the bookbinding DVD Restoring The 1819 Atlas all the way through.

The 1819 Atlas is another in the series of DVD’s produced by Janette Heffernen of New Zealand bookbinder Peter Goodwin demonstrating various bookbinding techniques.

Here is the description from the site: In this DVD, master bookbinder Peter Goodwin shows how he approaches this unusual binding. At the same time he demonstrates how he binds the traditional half-bound leather book which is seen in libraries all over the world. To make the maps in an atlas lie straight with no thread showing requires a special sewing technique. He demonstrates the use of the ‘plough’. This was the old fashioned method of cutting edges before the guillotine was invented. It is rarely seen today and written explanations are hard to understand. However once seen never forgotten. Colored hand-sewn head bands, paper repair and traditional half-leather binding are also covered in detail. It is a treat to watch Peter Goodwin show how easy it is for beginners to work with leather. His no fuss approach is refreshing. 

As with the Account Binding DVD, some basic familiarity with bookbinding on the part of the viewer is assumed. The DVD is a good overall video on the techniques for repairing an old atlas but not an indepth step by step tutorial.

If you are new to binding you will be able to follow the process as each step he shows is clearly demonstrated and understandable and the DVD will give you a very good idea of the work involved in repairing an old book.

What I like about the DVD is that Mr. Goodwin breaks the techniques that he demonstrates down into managable stages that makes it easier for someone who has never done the techniques to do them for the first time.

Mr. Goodwin does a nice job of explaining how guards work and there is a clear demonstration on how to sew headbands onto the book. He also demonstrates the use of a plough as well as offers some good tips on paper repair.

If you are interested in doing leatherwork Mr. Goodwin shows you a no fuss way to apply the prepared leather to the spine and corners of the binding. He does not demonstrate how the leather is pared for binding though. I believe that there is an upcoming DVD in the works showing how to do a full leather binding and hopefully there will be a demonstration on the leather paring technique as well.

If are an experienced binder the DVD is well worth watching to pick up a few good tips and techniques to add to your “toolbox”.

While watching the DVD I felt like I was right in the studio with Mr. Goodwin. He has a down to earth style and sense of humor that makes the DVD fun to watch.

I give this DVD tutorial Thumbs upThumbs up.

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