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March 2007
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March 6, 2007

Interview with John Michael Cooper…

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Photographer John Michael Cooper has been making his own custom boxes and albums for over 8 years. John started making his own boxes because he liked the boxes that some of the album companies were producing at the time but wanted something a little more custom designed. John says that he liked the boxes with mats that were being offered by one company but liked the cover materials that were being offered by another.  When he approached the companies about making boxes and mats to his specifications, they either told him it wasn’t possible or they couldn’t do it. So John bought a box that was closest to what he was looking for from one of the companies and remade the mats to go inside.

John says that after he made the mats he figured that he could make his own boxes. Although his first attempt wasn’t beautiful, it was functional.  John figured with a little tweaking he could make his boxes exactly as he wanted. This got him to thinking that if he could make his own boxes “how hard could albums be?�

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Good morning all.

I am busy working on the next two interviews for your reading pleasure. In the mean time,  I just wanted to stop in and point you in the direction of a few web finds that I came upon yesterday.

One is this nice little tutorial for matchbook notebooks. I was actually going to write one up on how I make mine but someone on another blog posted a link this one which is very similar to how I make mine.

If you get a chance def. visit this page for an exhibit of some of the artist books that are in the collection at the Kohler Art Library at the University of Wisconsin.  From the introduction…”The Kohler Art Library has been acquiring artists’ books since the early 1970s and there are now over 650 titles in the collection. Considered one of the finest and largest repositories of its kind in the country, the Kohler’s collection includes a broad range of creative work from over 150 presses and artists located around the world.”

Here is another online artist book exhibit from The University of Delaware Library. “The books in this exhibition come from the University of Delaware Special Collections which has major holdings in the field of history of books and printing. These collections include not only books, but also manuscript collections of small presses. Special Collections has been actively acquiring contemporary fine press and artists’ books for more than twenty years including many works published by Granary Press, Janus Press, Nexus Press, Gehenna Press, and Women’s Studio Workshop.”

Lots of great inspiration at both of the above sites.

Don’t forget to get your entry in for the first prize drawing this Friday.

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