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March 2007
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March 15, 2007


Filed under: Mailbag — jackie @ 7:42 am

Good morning readers.

I had a few emails from readers around the world this past week that I’d like to share with you this morning.

Jan Camps from the Netherlands sent me an email pointing me to his art bookbinding site with has some nice photos of his art bindings. He also sent the link a site that describes a colaborative project he is working on with 5 other binders. You will find documents describing the project in several diff. languages, including english, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I had a nice email from Janet in the UK this morning asking about study opportunities. I sent her a list of sites that have resources for folks looking to find classes in thier area. I thought I’d share the info here on the site so look for a page later today listing places to look for study opportunities. Also, if anyone is teaching a class or has any links to share please feel free to let me know and I’ll post them on the page.

I had an email from Polly who wants to learn how to bind her own book to use for the stamps she collects while Letterboxing. One of my local students, Joyce Miller, is doing the same thing with the book she made in my basic bookbinding class.

I want to thank everyone who sent an email or left a comment on the site. I really appreciate hearing from you.

Just a quick reminder… the weekly prize drawing is tomm. afternoon so get your name in the jar.

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March 14, 2007

Interview with J. Hewit & Sons LTD, Roger Barlee & David Lanning

Filed under: General — jackie @ 9:05 am

To a bookbinder or book artist what can be more satisfying than the feel of smooth calfskin leather stretched taut over boards or the soft feel of textured goatskin wrapped around a block of sewn paper. Most bookbinders and book artists, no matter how long they have been practicing their craft, eventually get drawn in by the seduction of leather for covering their books.

One of the companies that has been supplying leather to bookbinders and book artists for many years is J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. The company can trace its history back to about 1806. How long they were in business before that is still a bit sketchy.

(read more…)

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March 13, 2007

Tutorial: Simple sewing cradle

Filed under: Tutorial — jackie @ 11:55 am

As promised I have a new tutorial for you today.

The tutorial is for a simple sewing cradle made out of craft plywood that you can purchase at most craft and hobby stores. I made this in less than 2 hours which included cutting the pieces and waiting for the glue to set. The cost of materials was approx. $9.00 with tax.

Sewing cradle

You can download the tutorial here. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the file.


Ps…There’s still time to sign up for this weeks prize drawing on Friday.

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March 12, 2007

Monday morning musings…

Filed under: Morning Musings — jackie @ 10:32 am

Good morning dear readers.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Were you inspired to make books? Show us what you made.

Something cool…this site was mentioned on a book site in the Netherlands. As far as I can tell it’s a bookbinders guild. Anyone speak Dutch(?) that can let us know. I’ve known that I’ve had alot of readers from other countries outside the US but, as far as I know, this is the first time that I have been mentioned on another book site overseas. (If anyone knows of others, please let me know) Very cool!

If I can get the laundry moved off of the dining room table, so I can take a few photos, I’ll have a tutorial and a product review for you this afternoon or tomm. morning.

I’ll be mailing Amanda’s (our first winner) prize package off tomm. It’s going all the way to Australia. I’ll post a photo of her goodies once she gets the package. Don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I got a nice note about the site via email from Penny Sanford of Penny Sanford Porcelains. She’s the nice woman who shared the heart yo yo pattern I used on my Valentine packages. Her site is not book arts related but if you like fiber related art there’s lots of good stuff to look at.

If you have a LiveJournal account check out the Handmade Books group for some good inspiration. Folks post thier work pretty regularly over there.

Here’s a little leather inspiration for you today. A custom bound copy of the Rubaiyat.


The style is a French binding. The book is covered in dark blue goatskin with leather inlays and false raised bands on the spine. It has custom made enpapers to match the theme and illustrations that were drawn by the wonderful artist and illustrator Violet Gold. The head is gilded and blind tooled impressions were made in the gold. This was my very first leather binding. It’s not perfect but I love it’s look and feel. I made this while in Texas studying binding with Pamela Leutz back in the summer of 1994.

I hope everyone has a great day!

• • •

March 11, 2007

Sunday maintenance…

Filed under: General — jackie @ 10:52 am

Good morning all.

A couple of things. First , I noticed that if you are not logged in as a member of Flickr you won’t be able to see all the great book photos that are uploaded to Flickr group. That’s something I didn’t realize. A membership is free and you don’t get spammed with stuff for joining. Plus it gives you the option of uploading photos of your books to our group. I’d love to see what everyone is working on.

I also just wanted to let everyone know that when someone comments to a post here on the site I always respond with a personal email. That’s why you don’t see alot of responses here by me. If someone has asked a question and I think others might benefit from the answer I will def. post a comment here.

I will finally be updating the Hedgehog tutorial this week to reflect some changes in the way that I make them. I’ll post here when it is ready so you all can download the newest revision. I also have a few new tutorials that I will be working on and will hopefully have up soon. One is for a simplified version of a larger style book/paper press. I’ve seen a few sets of plans around the Internet and I think one can be made much more simply so I’ve challenged myself. Of course, I’ve been working on the tutorial since this past summer and all the parts and pieces are sitting around my studio.

Just a reminder for you local folks…I will be demonstrating at our local Jerry’s Artarama next Sat. the 17th from 10 am- 2pm. Please stop by and say hi.

I hope everyone enjoys their day!

• • •

March 10, 2007

Special interviews…

Filed under: General — jackie @ 12:28 pm

Just wanted to remind everyone that the interviews with Keith Smith and John Michael Cooper (of Altf Photography) are still up. You can find the interview for Keith Smith here. And John’s interview here.

Also, next week’s interview will be with David Lanning and Roger Barlee of J Hewitt & Sons Limited.

• • •

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 8:30 am

Good morning readers.

It’s Sat. and you know what that means. Grab your double half-caf mocha latte and let’s get surfing!

First up is CaiLun the paper and book making blog of artist Dennis Yeun. From his online bio, “While Dennis has been making books since he was a child he began designing and making books professionally in 2004. He practices Coptic, long stitch, stab, pamphlet and flat-back binding, often applying variations on these traditional techniques to fascinating effect.” This site is def. worth a visit to see his beautiful work. You can also check out Dennis’s portfolio website for more great photos of his books here.

Papermusings is a the blog of Toronto book artist Natalie. She has some nice photos of her work as well as info on her processes.

Book artist and teacher Kristin Saegaert is one of my readers and recently sent me a nice email which included a link to her blog. You need to go check out her beautiful coptic stitch books.

RE:Paper is the website of book artist and photographer Sara Hindmarch. She has some lovely photos of her work on the site.

The Old Stile Press is the site of Frances and Nicolas McDowell. It is not a book arts site but is worth checking out as they publish some beautiful books. Especially if you are interested in creating custom bindings for preprinted books. From their information page “At The Old Stile Press, we design, print by hand and publish books in editions limited to between 100 and 250 copies. These involve texts of importance, whether new or reprinted, together with suites of wood engravings, woodcuts, linocuts and other relief blocks made by the artist-printmakers with whom we collaborate.”

Surf’s up!

• • •

March 9, 2007

And the winner is…

Filed under: Announcements, General — jackie @ 12:34 pm

Jar with names

And the winner…picked by my lovely assistant Terri…is…

First winner

Congratulations to Amanda Watson. She will receive a goody box with fun stuff to help in her bookarts endeavors.

If you didn’t win this week your name will stay in the jar for next Fridays drawing. If you post another comment this week or a photo of your books over on the Flickr site you will get your name put in the jar again giving you more chances to win.

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Filed under: General — jackie @ 8:20 am

Good Friday morning all.

Today is the day of our first prize drawing. You still have some time to get your name in the jar for the drawing. Look for the results around noon.

I’ve got a few great sites from around the web for you to check out. Perhaps it will give you some ideas for projects this weekend.  (read more…)

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March 8, 2007

Filed under: General — jackie @ 7:49 am

Good morning readers.

Thought you might like some links to a few books arts centers this morning. These sites have learning opportunities as well as online exhibits and information. (You thought you were gonna get some work done today didn’t you?)

(read more…)

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