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January 3, 2010

New years giveaway and writing desks…

Filed under: Writing, blather — jackie @ 3:54 pm

Hello dear readers…

The other day we discussed places to write. Today I’d like to talk about desks.

I have several desks. One is an old drop front desk that I bought at an antique market about 15 or so years back. It was in fairly good shape but I had my Dad fixed it up for me by adding new cubbies and drawers inside as well as fixing a few other little items on it that were broken or missing.

My Dad also made me a small version of a Shaker Lap Desk. I wanted something that could hold my stationary, stamps and pens.

I also have a standup desk that my Dad made (are you sensing a trend here?) from an old post office desk. It’s where I keep my computer and other assorted paper messes and where I an typing this from right now. It’s hard to see in the photo but those are little cubbies along the backboard and there’s an ink bottle holder on the right side. The desk didn’t originnally have the shelf on the bottom it was added to hold my CPU and a printer.

Note…my desk unfortunately looks like a paper shredder yaked on it these days. It’s time to do a little excavating.

I’m extending the New Years drawing out until this Weds. evening (the 6th) so leave me a comment telling me where and when you like to write for a chance to win a writing themed prize.

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