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May 4, 2008

Free at last…

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For a little while anyway.

Good morning readers.

I’m back from the final exam abyss. I feel like I have been in park mode the past two weeks preparing final projects and for exams. It’s all done now and I feel that I did pretty well.

As promised, here’s a few pics of the big honking book and box that I did for my Visual Arts Foundations class.

The box houses both the book and the set of boards that we made throughtout the semester.

The book is approx. 14.25″ wide by 11.25″ high and 2″ thick. The binding is a modified stiff leaf structure. The book and box are covered in Onasburg cotton with a leather spine on the book and the same leather used for the straps on the box.

The block was created first with matboard and tyvek and the printed pages were mounted to the block pages. Then the whole thing was trimmed before covering. I had to break out my plough to trim this baby as it was too big to fit in the guillotine.


I wish I had taken some photos during construction but I was too busy just trying to get it done. It took three days of almost continual work to get this put together. I learned alot things as I was putting it together. I’ll post about it in a thread over on the forum in the near future.

You can find instructions for the basic stiff leaf structure in this book.

Now that school’s over for the summer, I’ll be concentrating on cleaning my workspace, finishing up some tutorials that have been on the backburner, adding more accessories to the Chameleon page and preparing for a few art shows this fall.

I’ll be updating the Chameleon order page with new scans of leather and lining color examples. I’ll also be offering them in vinyl as well as imitation leather for those folks that prefer something other than leather.

I’m now in the process finishing up a few custom Chameleons that will be going out in the mail tommorrow. I also did a preliminary watch of the Bookbinding Guy’s DVD. I’m planning on watching it again this afternoon (have to wrestle the TV away from other members of the clan first) and having a review out the first of the week.

Here’s a photo of a custom custom Chameleon I made recently for a client. They wanted a Chameleon with a flap.

I added the pen loop inside so that the pen is protected by the cover.

Of note…

I got an email from one of the new Chameleon owners, Pascal in France. He sent a few photos of his Chameleon on an adventure in the desert (Ouarzazate).

He promises to also send along some sketches from his trip. Very cool!

I hope everyone has a great day!

• • •

April 13, 2008

Sunday evening musings…

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Salutations readers.

It’s been a busy week for me here in the burbs. I did get to spend some time with my friend Holly on Friday. We went to lunch and to the Chrysler Museum of Art to see the high school student art show. There has been alot of controversy surrounding this show because of some pieces that were selected as winners that have artistic nude content. The show is sponsored by our local paper The Virginian-Pilot. If you’re interested you can read more about it here and here.

I finished up two custom Chameleons this morning. One for Judy, the winner of the anniversary drawing.

 Judy's Chameleon

And one for my friend Holly.

Holly's Chameleon

Holly’s is a custom painted leather cover and has Goccoed a fox (to match the ones I printed on her refill covers…see a couple of posts back) in black and added a bit of color. I have added a pen loop to both of these and left off the cord lock which I thought might be a nice feature but it is way too bulky and not needed. A knot in the elastic card works just fine and allows the notebook to lay flat for writing and drawing. I am also now including calendar refills with the Chameleons. Each one is setup for a month with 5 weekly calendars, a month calendar centerfold and notes pages.

I’m off to finish my homework for class tommorrow.

• • •

April 8, 2008

Chameleon extras…

Filed under: Chameleon — jackie @ 7:40 pm

Salutations readers.

For you new Chameleon owners out there, I just posted some printable calendar pages in PDF format over on the customization page that you can download. Enjoy!

• • •

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