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May 9, 2007

It’s Wednesday…

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Goods morning readers.

I spent my time earlier this morning preparing for a demo at one of our local schools. There are a group of other artists besides myself that will demonstrating their craft to the student body from 12:30 until 2:30 pm. I felt like I was getting ready for the school science fair this morning since I decided to do a project board with information and photos. What’s up Murphy’s Law BTW? It seems to always take over the computer and slow it down to a crawl whenever I am in a hurry to get something done. 

I’ll have more to report when I return this afternoon. Until then I will leave you with a few photos of some custom weddings albums I did for a client a few years ago. (These are scans of the original photos that weren’t in the best of shape because they were on an old demo board that I used to use at shows and had to be cut off.)

 Custom Photo Album

Custom photo album

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May 2, 2007

Wednesday morning musings…

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Good morning readers…

I’ve noticed that there are a bunch of folks from the UK that are regular readers so I’d like to give a shout out to all you folks across the pond this morning. Thanks for stopping and checking out the blog everyday.

Yesterday after spending a good part of the day wrangling ducklings, I was able to finish up two albums that need to be delivered tomm. Both books are covered in Duponi silk. The smaller one is an 8″x8″ flushmount style guestbook and the larger one is a non sewn album binding. If anyone is familiar with the Shared Ink style books the binding is done in a similar fashion. I had to reverse engineer one of thier books a while back because I had setup some pages wrong and they weren’t printed right. Because I didn’t want my client to wait any longer for thier books I ended up using the cover but printing the new pages myself and needed it to be put together in the same way as the original. If anyone is interested in a step by step of the process let me know. I can work up a tutorial to post here.

 A few finished albums

For those of you who are not familiar with the flushmount style of album, the pages are not sewn but printed as individual spreads, then folded in half and glued back to back with the pages adjacent to it. I am in the process of finishing up a tutorial on how to make an album using this method.

Next Weds., along with a group of other artists, I’ll be demonstrating bookbinding at one of our local schools. There will be about 700 children checking out all the diff. styles of art. I’ve got a few cool tools that I can take as well as some interesting looking books they will like.

I’m off to work. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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April 21, 2007

A guestbook…

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Good Sat. morning readers.

Thought I’d show you one of the projects I’ve been working on this week. A guestbook for signing at a wedding. This was made for another photographer to give to a client.

The book in it’s presentation folder. The folder is just a quickie made with fabric covered bristol board.

Presentation folder

As you can see I used a velcro dot to keep it closed. The ribbon on the front is just for decoration.

Album inside presentation folder

The cover…the book is 8″x8″ and is made in the flushmount style with the pages folded and applied back to back. The cover is Duponi silk in a teal that shines diff. colors depending on how the light hits it.

Album front

Inside…there is a photo with a quote on each left side of the spread and the pages on the right are blank for signing. The first blank page is the only one with the word guests at the top.

Album open

A few details…

Spine detail

The book lays flat when open.

Spine detail

This is the type of book we’ll be making in the workshop. We’ll also be making a hard clamshell box and if time permits one of these presentation folders.

• • •

January 12, 2007


Filed under: Client Books — jackie @ 10:41 am

Here are a couple of photos of some guestbooks I just finished for a client. The covers are Duponi silk and the endsheets are a decorative Japanese paper. They are both the same as one is for a customer and one is to show prospective clients.

guestbook 2

guestbook 1


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