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December 6, 2007

Photos from a friend…

Filed under: Friends, Morning Musings — jackie @ 11:20 am

Good morning readers.

Two finals down and two to go. I’ll be done for the semester next Tues. Even though I am enjoying school, I am looking forward to the break so that I can concentrate on finishing up holiiday stuff.

I wanted to share with you some photos sent to me by my bookbinding friend Peter Goodwin. Peter is in New Zealand and made a special wedding album for a friend of his. 

 Peter's album

Peter says of the album, “I made a frame-up of the front and back boards plus a hollow all joined together with white cartridge and lined the inside with ordinary newspaper (this has plenty of stretch) to control warping. Next I glued with a PVA adhesive the boards of the case + hollow and laid this into position on the lambskin and pressed by hand until firmly attached., I next trimmed round with the shears leaving a “turn-in” of approx 30mm. cutting the corners as normal for a cloth case.

Peter's album

Peter's album

Next I glued the turn-in for the head of the case and worked it down until fixed and with the shears then clipped off the long fibres of wool up to the edge of the board, this was repeated for the tail and the the two foredges and we now have the case made ready for the next stage, this will comprise of inlaying a grey board between the turn-ins as the leather was applied unpared, and a final shave of the turn-in area so that the bare leather will be free to receive the glued down endpaper. “

Peter's album

“As it will not be possible to letter the outside, I have blocked onto a white ribbon the “date”, the bride’s name on a pink ribbon and the groom’s on a blue ribbon, the white ribbon will be attached parallel to the spine and the happy couples names will go diagonally across the corners to simulate a “half-bound” book. “

Peter also says of the inside that he “used a Goat-grained 210 gsm weight paper in ivory for the leaves to the album, made the “two-up” method with a total of 16 leaves which should be enough for the photographs they want to mount - I find the “two-up” method ideal for albums as the extra thickness in the spine area created by the joining strips provides enough packing to compensate for the photos. and so when complete the whole thing lies level, saves having to include guards and sewing.”

And that he “made a box to keep it tidy and used ribbons blocked with names the Happy Couple together with the date and threaded these through as there was no way I could block with type in the usual way.”    

Peter's album 
I really appreciate him sharing his process with us. Thanks Peter!   

***Note: I emailed Peter to ask what he mean’t by the “two-up” method and this is his reply. “I used the same paper for a joining strip in this instance, the album was of only 16 leaves so there was not too much strain on the hinge and only ONE side = the method is to make a jig and join all the leaves into pairs, then repeat by joining all the pairs into fours, then fours into eights and finally the two eights into a 16 then all you have to do is add a “joint front and back, make the case glue joint strips and “case-in” putting a clean waste strip inside the stop any glue spoiling the “fly” and when dry line in the board side of the case .”

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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