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January 5, 2009

Lots of good stuff…

Filed under: Fun, Good Things, How To, Morning Musings, stuff to buy — jackie @ 11:34 am

Good morning dear readers.

Thought I’d try to post some before jumping back into classes with both feet next Monday. I’m scheduled to take five classes this coming semester. Four of them are studio classes and one is a portfolio and resume class. Crazy I know but I’m running out of funds and need to finish up by the end of 2009. I’m sure about mid semester I’ll start pulling my hair out and should be about bald by May.  :o)

And now the good stuff…

I have Peter Goodwin’s new video on box making, Boxes for Books, and plan on reviewing it in the next week or so. The video is one in a series produced by Janette Heffernan. Information for all can be found on their website. You can also find a teaser for the box video as well as other great little bookbinding tidbits on Janette’s YouTube site.

For a small fee, you can watch and/or download a video tutorial for sewing a headband on a book by the Bookbinding Guy. You can also buy and download his whole bookmaking tutorial here.

Billie, of Billie’s Craftroom Blog, has put up a nice video tutorial on how to dye linen thread for bookbinding. 

Roz Stendahl has a great post on her adventures in bookbinding on her blog. Her post are always interesting and very informative. It’s definitely worth spending the time and reading through her other posts. She has a great website too.

This was posted on one of the binding lists, an entertaining site with an interactive book.

I’ve seen this posted on several sites but I thought that I’d post it here too. A nice tutorial on how to make your own flipbook. Something to do in your spare time.

Looking for some unique fabrics for bookbinding? Or perhaps you want to create your own? Check out Spoonflower. You can buy custom printed designs in their Etsy store or design and have them print your own unique fabric. It’s definitely a way to set yourself apart from other binders.

Speaking of fabric…if you like playing with fabric and making books, check out the Journal Making for Fabric Artists online class offered by Two Creative Studios and taught by Sue Bleiweiss.

If you haven’t been over to the Book Arts Forum in a while definitely check it out. Lots of good converstaion and upcoming swaps for the new year.

Ok…that should keep you busy for a while.

Have a great day!

• • •

August 27, 2007

Monday musings and tag I’m it…

Filed under: Fun, Morning Musings — jackie @ 7:42 pm

Good evening readers.

Today was my first day of school with multiple classes. I’m still trying to adjust my schedule to the changes and the amazing amount of reading I will have to be doing so my postings will probably at odd intervals until I settle in to a schedule. Please bear with me. :D I really think I am going to enjoy being back in school.

Yesterday I was tagged by Papermuse. It seems that the rules of the game are to list 6 weird/interesting things about yourself and then tag a further 6 bloggers (by going to their blog and telling them to check out your blog post related to this) to keep the momentum going. List your 6 tagged bloggers at the bottom of your post.

  1. I look alot younger than I really am. I won’t say how old I am but I graduated from HS the year of our country’s bicentennial.
  2. I sometimes have creepy dreams about old concrete pools with dark water.
  3. I have 3 big dogs, two kitties and I feed the neighborhood birds and ducks.
  4. I love baking bread so much I want to build a wood fired clay oven in my back yard.
  5. I wanted to go to acting school after I graduated from high school. I ended up enrolling in the biomedical photography program at RIT but never got a degree.
  6. As I kid I would buy old hardbound books from the used bookstore just because I liked the covers.

I think everyone that I would tag has already been tagged so I tagged everyone over on the forum. Surf on over and let us know a little bit about yourself.

I hope everyone has a great evening.

• • •

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