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May 12, 2007

It’s back! The Saturday morning surf report…

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Good morning readers. 

The Sat. morning surf report is back.

Grab your morning beverage of choice, pull up a chair and let’s go surfing.

Here are a few sites with fun things to try to get you warmed up…

Here’s a site where you can learn how to antique paper.

This is fun. Make your own Card catalog cards with the catalog card generator.

Card catalog card

Check out A Term For The Terse. From the site: The terminology and subtleties of the book trade can seem rather cryptic, arcane and even stupid. What follows, is a primer of the terms and tactics used among the purveyors and collectors of out-of-print and rare books. Many of these terms have been in use for several hundred years. Unfortunately, the Internet has brought with it a general dumbing-down of any traditional knowledge or nomenclature. Many of these terms are endangered. Read quickly!

Now that I’ve got you warmed up …

I don’t know about you all but I’ve always been fascinated with pop up books. I think that some of them are wonderful feats of engineering. I admire folks who can create those detailed pop ups. I wish I had the dexterity and patience for them.

This is a great site where you can take a tour through the history of pop up books.

Check out this cool pop up exhibit from the Rutgers University Libraries.

The PopUpLady site has lots of information as well as the history of pop up books.

Mark Hiner is a paper engineer.  From the site: Well, I am a paper engineer and this site will show you what I do and what can be achieved with paper engineering. Most people will be familiar with some simple pop-up books from their childhood, but I hope that by browsing this site you will see that pop-ups (or paper engineering) can be used for many types of book. If you are not already a lover of the magic of pop-ups, I hope you will learn to appreciate them and the work that goes into creating interactive, pop-up books.

Here is a tutorial where you can learn how to make your own pop up book.

And finally if you really get into making pop up books there is a worldwide group called the Moveable Book Society that you can join.

Surf’s up!

• • •

April 7, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 8:08 am

Good morning readers.

Here is your Sat. morning surf report from wet, cold rainy and snowy Virginia Beach.

First up is Mademoiselle de France a site with some nice examples of traditional binding.

Some interesting bookbinding models at the Universitry of Iowa site.

The book arts site of Jan & Jarmilla Sabota. I was able to see some of thier work close up when I was out in Texas studying binding. They do some fabulous work.

Ashley Lang has a site with some nice examples of exposed spine sewings. She uses alot of repurposed materials in her bindings.

Hopefully the selections above will keep you busy for a while this morning. I am off to a photo shoot then doing the family thing for the rest of the weekend.

Surf’s up!

• • •

March 31, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 7:35 am

Good morning surfers…

It’s sunny and chilly here in Virginia Beach this morning but there’s no need to get wet and sandy when you can do all the surfing you want from the comfort of your easy chair. So grab a cup of something hot and lets go surfing.

Fisrt up this morning, if you’re a book collector or just enjoy looking at fine book you’ll enjoy browsing the site of Julia Rothman, Book By It’s Cover. She has all the books broken into easily browsed categories and gives information about each book. She also tells you where you can find the books for purchase.

A Flickr site with some great handmade books.

Another Flickr site with some interesting handmade books.

And another Flickr site

This Flickr site is interesting. It has photos of a class taken with Jim Croft who teaches folks how to make thie own bookbinding tools from bone. Take a look at this big honkin book he made. Very cool.

I’ll leave you this morning with one more interesting site, Gary Frost’s Future of the Book. From the site “This web site visualizes the future of the codex book. We consider hybrid topics between reading behaviors, traditional book use in the context of digital delivery systems, library preservation and book art. An underlying concept is that libraries are playing out the future of the traditional book right now. In this perspective, libraries play as large a role as a progressive publishing industry, an avant guard book arts community or enticing technologies of book equivalents.” Def. check out the “Reports” section. Lots of interesting essays.

I’ll be back a little later this afternoon to announce the winner of the grand prize drawing. 

Surf’s up!

• • •

March 24, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Educational Opportunities, Surfs Up — jackie @ 8:15 am

Good morning surfers.

The spring and summer is when many places offer classes, workshops and retreats in the book and paper arts. It’s never to early to plan so this mornings surf report is all about learning opportunities.

First up on the surf report is The Seattle center for the Book Arts. If you are in the area they offer a nice selection of classes in the book arts. From the site “Our mission is to provide educational, technical, and creative resources for individuals in the pursuit of book arts. Our vision is to foster appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of the book as a contemporary art form and medium for self-expression. Our ultimate aim is to establish a facility specifically designed and equipped for bookmaking and all related art forms.”

Art Unraveled is an art retreat in Pheonix, Arizona that runs from Aug. 5-12, 2007. They have alot of diff. book arts related workshops. From the site “the mixed media art retreat where the mysteries of art are unraveled for you by the finest art instructors from around the U.S. and Canada. Experience the joy of spending 7 days surrounded by like-minded spirits immersed in art, camaraderie, contests and lots of fun!”

The Craft Guild in Dalllas, Texas has some bookbinding classes available this spring. From the site “The Craft Guild of Dallas was founded in 1948 to provide instruction and studios for artists and craftspersons while providing opportunities to exhibit and promote their work.” 

The Womens Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY offers workshops this summer in book and paper arts. From the site “Women’s Studio Workshop (WSW) is an intimate studio workspace specializing in printmaking, hand papermaking, photography, and book arts. During the Summer Arts Institute (SAI) we share that intimacy through a series of small and intensive workshops. These workshops are designed to offer experiences to support your artistic life through immersion in studio techniques as well as opportunities to develop the content of your work. Each SAI workshop enrolls less than ten people, providing you with an experience that feels less like a class and more like a forum for sharing ideas among peers.”

These are just a few of the many places that will be offering workshops and retreats in the book and paper arts this summer. I will be posting them here as I come across them.

For you local folks, I just updated my schedule of upcoming classes.  I will be adding more once I find out the dates.

Also, please keep an eye on the Education Opportunities board over on the Book Arts Forum as folks have started posting them there.

Surf’s up!

• • •

March 17, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 7:13 am

Good morning surfers…

It’s a cold, wet & rainy outside here this morning. A great day for surfing around the web so grab your favorite surfin drink and let’s go.

First up (cuz I’m hungry this morning) is the site for The International Edible Book Festival . From the site “The International Edible Book Festival is held annually around April 1st. To date, the following countries have held this festival: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France,  Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States of America, Russia. Hong Kong has just announced its participation in 2007. April 1st is the birthday of French gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826), famous for his book Physiologie du goût, a witty meditation on food. April fools’ day is also the perfect day to eat your words and play with them as the “books” are consumed on the day of the event. ” You’ll def. want to check out all the past books in the galleries and you can also find out if there is a celebration happening near you. Bon Apetite!

If you are wanting to try your hand at binding a press printed book check out Convivio Bookworks . They offer some nice looking books which are available in unbound signatures. Right now they are offering a 15% discount off anything you order from their site through Monday March 19th.

Check out the site of Fibre Artist Joanne B. Kaar. She has some photos of pretty cool  books made with her own handmade paper.

Some yummy eye candy…mmmmm… Laurel Parker Book

That it! I’m off to find breakfast and get ready for my demo this morning. Have a great day ya’ll!

Surf’s up!

• • •

March 10, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 8:30 am

Good morning readers.

It’s Sat. and you know what that means. Grab your double half-caf mocha latte and let’s get surfing!

First up is CaiLun the paper and book making blog of artist Dennis Yeun. From his online bio, “While Dennis has been making books since he was a child he began designing and making books professionally in 2004. He practices Coptic, long stitch, stab, pamphlet and flat-back binding, often applying variations on these traditional techniques to fascinating effect.” This site is def. worth a visit to see his beautiful work. You can also check out Dennis’s portfolio website for more great photos of his books here.

Papermusings is a the blog of Toronto book artist Natalie. She has some nice photos of her work as well as info on her processes.

Book artist and teacher Kristin Saegaert is one of my readers and recently sent me a nice email which included a link to her blog. You need to go check out her beautiful coptic stitch books.

RE:Paper is the website of book artist and photographer Sara Hindmarch. She has some lovely photos of her work on the site.

The Old Stile Press is the site of Frances and Nicolas McDowell. It is not a book arts site but is worth checking out as they publish some beautiful books. Especially if you are interested in creating custom bindings for preprinted books. From their information page “At The Old Stile Press, we design, print by hand and publish books in editions limited to between 100 and 250 copies. These involve texts of importance, whether new or reprinted, together with suites of wood engravings, woodcuts, linocuts and other relief blocks made by the artist-printmakers with whom we collaborate.”

Surf’s up!

• • •

March 3, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 8:51 am

Good morning surfers. I hope everyone had an excellent week.

I’ve got some great information and sites for you to check out this morning so grab some coffee and let’s get surfin!

First up is J Hewitt & Sons Ltd. These folks sell some of the best leathers in the business for bookbinding. Their site offers tools and supplies as well as lots of links and information. Stay tuned for our anniversary week three interview with these folks.

Some of my readers have asked about the templates and paints that I got at the quilt show that are used for making the fabric rubbings. Here is a link to basic instructions on how to create the rubbings. You can get the leaf rubbing plates here and the Shiva Art Sticks here . For the paints you can try your local art supply store. Our Jerry’s Artarama store has all the colors at a great price and for the next week you can download a coupon from their site and get a discount on your purchase. For the rubbing plates check your local Parent Teacher or educational stores. They might have them there. I will check ours this week and report back. I will be doing an article on my experiments with these so stay tuned.

If you haven’t already been there you def. need to check out the Book Arts Web. Maintained by Peter D. Verheyen “the Book Arts Web which features links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including educational opportunities, professional organizations, tutorials, reference materials, and galleries with images.” This is a site you could get lost in for hours.

That’s it for today. If anyone has any suggestions for sites that you think should be included in our weekly surf reports please send me an email and let me know.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Surf’s up!

• • •

February 24, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 9:36 am

The weather here is bright and sunny and cold but it’s warm and toasty inside here by the computer so grab your fuzzy slippers and your favorite morning beverage and let’s get surfin’.

First up is Clarellen. If you’ve been thinking about creating books with your own content this is the site to check out. Douglas Holleley’s book Digital Book Design and Publishing is an excellent resource for anyone looking to publish their own books. In his book he walks you through the process of designing your book digitally all the way through to diff. ways of self publishing. He even has a section on binding your own editions. On his site there are lots of examples of the books he has created and published as well.

On her site Moote Points, Cheryl Moote offers instructional manuals as well as videos and kits on bookbinding and creating your own small editions of books .

If you’re looking for a little eye candy, WeitzColman creates some cool and unusual leather books. Def. work a look.

Have you ever thought about making a book from scratch? Literally? If you have, the Oldways workshop is for you. Book artist Jim Croft will take you on a 14 day adventure of making books from tree to cover. You’ll even make your own tools. How cool is that?

I’ll leave you with one more cool site this morning, check out this handmade book on Antartica. It’s pretty amazing.

I hope everyone has a great time surfing this morning. Til next week. Surf’s up!

• • •

February 17, 2007

Saturday morning surf report…

Filed under: Surfs Up — jackie @ 8:45 am

Good Sat. morning all.

I thought I’d share a few interesting book sites with you this morning, as I know like me you have nothing better to do than spend all day hours surfing the web.

So…without further adieu, and brought to you directly from the bowels of my Favorites folder here are this Sat’s surfing reccommendations. Let’s catch a few waves together …

First up is Jase’s Books This guy does some amazing work with leather, metal, eyeballs and snakes. His books are very cool.

Next we have Volcano Arts This site is hosted by Christine Cox. She does some really cool metal covered books. Not only does she offer supplies and kits on her site, she has lots of great ideas, tutorials and information about bookbinding to check out. She also hosts a quarterly book swap that you can join. Check out the gallery of work from previous swaps.

Here’s a neat little site with information on making bookclasps.

Check out these wonderful carved wooden book covers at artist Barbara Yates’ site.

Cicada Books has some very interesting book structures. Visually a nice site to look around.

That’s it for this Sat. I hope you enjoy surfing around these sites. I’ll be putting up a few more next Sat. Until then, don’t forget to surf on back here to check out the latest news and happenings.

Who needs cold salty water and gritty sand when the best surfing is right here. Surf’s up!

• • •

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